Naughty Dog Considering a 'Last of Us' Sequel - and Why That's Not Necessarily a Good Idea

8CN: According to an article over at Eurogamer, it would seem that Naughty Dog is considering the idea of a sequel to The last of Us, or other sequels to their popular IPs (not including the currently-in-development Uncharted 4). However, this might not be as great as it sounds.

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hellzsupernova1711d ago

I agree i would want another one. Even if they keep the cast from the first game. They made a great world. Wouldnt mind an open world Last of Us game to be hoenst.

In saying that whatever they are working on im sure it will be fantastic

jimbobwahey1711d ago

I couldn't care less about the story or what characters are in the game, I'd love to see a sequel purely because the multiplayer was so fun.

johndoe112111711d ago


Let me get this straight, you didn't like the last last of us campaign you preferred the multiplayer?

Nitrowolf21710d ago


As much as I disagree with Jim about not caring about the Single-player, the multiplayer is still one of the best things I've played all years TBH. It's addicting, and a fun twist/change up to most games.

Don't get me wrong, I prefer story more, but I welcome the multiplayer

rhcpfan1711d ago

It is, but they should take their time on it.

Craigatorian1711d ago


C-H-E-F1710d ago

I think if they do it, the sequel should be on a WHOLE different character cast and possibly fill in the beginning years with cameos of Joel in there. So they don't ruin a gem.

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pyramidshead1711d ago

New ip first then a sequel. Give time for Druckmann to think up a good tale to tell.

xReDeMpTiOnx1711d ago

They already confirmed that they would stop Joel and Ellie's story so go ahead and make a sequel. I think there is tons of space in the universe of the last of us for a sequel without going stale so quick.

Angrymorgan1711d ago

Definately could make a sequel.
So many stories could be told within the last of us universe. Could even keep the same characters and concentrate on their day to day survival, being hunted by the fireflies ....joel could join a group of bandits and tell his story of survival etc etc. Endless possibilities.

moodymofo1711d ago

considering a sequel? i was hoping they got to work on a sequel right away and would have an E3 announcement for a holiday 2014 release

Z_-_D_-_31711d ago

Yeah, Half-Life 2 Ep 1/2 style. I'm ready to continue right where Joel and Ellie left off with the Fireflies hot on their tale.

rainslacker1710d ago

Fireflies weren't really hot on their tails. I'd only want to see their story continue if they could make it as good or better than the first game. There is surely more that could be told of their story, but it's not absolutely necessary, and if done poorly could detract from the impact of the first game's story.

There's a lot going on in TLOU universe. Independent communities, gang groups, rogue rebels, regular people, etc. There's enough to make a story about some of them and create something just as moving for the player.

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The story is too old to be commented.