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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is the prettiest version of the game you can possibly get. It looks gorgeous, and the level of detail is absolutely extraordinary.

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MartinB1051737d ago

This game is even more amazing than I expected on PS4 - super smooth framerate! It's great that the devs actually bothered to push for 60FPS rather than just settling for 30 as many do; it really pays off.

starchild1737d ago

Umm...ok, if you consider 40 to 50fps to be "smooth". The framerate fluctuates way too much and even if it stayed right at 50fps the whole time it would still result in judder due to the fact that duplicate frames are produced at 50fps since 50fps doesn't divide evenly into the 60hz (or 120hz) of most displays.

I also don't think it is fair to call a game "60fps" if it spends most of its time in the 40s and 50s.

It's still a really nice game on the PS4 (and I imagine the XB1) and I really do like some of the new animated foliage and physics on Lara's equipment.

Waterboy1561737d ago

have to put down someones opinion just because dont you?! bet it makes you feel really good about yourself too.

starchild1737d ago

I'm just tired of fanboys pretending the game is 60fps and super smooth on the PS4 when neither of those things are true. It's just a way for them to bash Xbox gamers.

It's a FACT that a highly variable frame-rate is not super smooth. It's also a fact that 40 or 50fps, even if it was capped and steady, would still produce stutter because it would result in duplicate frames. 50fps does not divide evenly into the 60hz refresh rate of our displays. This is why developers almost always cap frame-rates at 30fps if 60fps can't be sustained.

If he enjoys the game that's great. But it is not a very smooth game on the PS4. If a variable 40 to 50fps was "super smooth" then there would be no reason for technologies such as Nvidia's G-sync to even exist.

maniacmayhem1737d ago

I find it even more hilarious that everybody on this site now notices framerates when playing a game on a console.

MartinB1051737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


I don't give a shit whether you think it runs smoothly or not. I've actually played the game on PS4, and you obviously haven't. The game runs smooth to my eyes and whether it's really/always 60FPS or not is besides the point because the game looks fantastic regardless.

You talk about inconsistency, yet the game simply looks better than versions running at 30FPS, which I know because I traded in my PS3 copy when buying my PS4 version.

And yes, I read about the inconsistencies too before buying the PS4 game, which is why I'm surprised that it looks so much better than I was expecting based on what's been written in the media.

If you'd actually played it rather than fantasising about some ridiculously impossible notion of "locked 60FPS", then you'd actually know that this game looks great.

starchild1736d ago

BIG assumption there. I HAVE played it on the PS4. That's what I am talking about.

If you don't notice the judder then you are probable one of those people that don't notice screen-tearing either.

I notice it greatly. Many people do, in fact. That's why Nvidia and AMD are coming up with technologies like G-Sync and "free-sync" to deal with the problem.

I prefer my console games to be capped at 30fps if they can't sustain a solid 60fps.

And with my PC games I almost always get a solid 60fps anyway, but if on the occasional game I can't sustain 60fps while maxing out the graphics settings I will turn down settings until I can maintain 60fps. I hate stutter and the inconsistency and jerkiness it brings to the visuals and the controller response.

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alexkoepp1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Didn't enjoy it on 360. I think I was just so sick of that last generation because it carried on 2 years too long, that I didn't give it a fair chance. I just ordered online for the X1 and looking forward to another playthrough

Fasttrack761737d ago

I completed this on my 360 and now on my xbox one,not once did I feel bored,fantastic beautiful game. 10/10 for me..

starchild1737d ago

It really is a beautiful and outstanding game.