Should Nintendo Consider The Free To Play Market?

VGBUZZ author writes: Nintendo has said some words when it comes to free-to-play games. Iwata seems to think that mobile games and the free-to-play movement are directly hurting hardware sales for Nintendo. The question I want to know is : Why doesn’t Nintendo join in on the free-to-play movement?

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Fanboyssuck271764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Should the author of this article consider never writing again? Me thinks so.

DarkLord10031764d ago

Please - stop the whole "nintendo should go mobile" approach.

PeteyMcPickle1764d ago

Should Sony? Should Microsoft? Surely if anyone would be going F2P it would be them, as they're far worse off financially.

I guess it's just cool to hate on Nintendo these days.

dcj05241764d ago

Sony has though. Planet side 2 and free realms and they rake in a decent amount of cash.

wonderfulmonkeyman1764d ago

That's minor cooperation compared to the complete sellout route people want Nintendo to make, though.
Sony made a few games without sacrificing much, let alone putting their older exclusives on a phone.
Haters want Nintendo to drop out of consoles and go full mobile, on top of putting their exclusives from consoles onto mobiles.
Huge difference. It can't happen if Nintendo wants to survive.

Dehnus1764d ago

Should everybody just make endless MOBA games and Multiplayer only games with the unworthy sticker of "MMO" on them with scrounging F2P?

Nodoze1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Why would Nintendo want to give Apple 30% + of every copy sold? This more than anything IMO is why they have not gone mobile.

Not to mention handing publishing control and final say over to Apple?

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