Ever Wanted to Combine a Game Console With a Transformer? Well Here's The Mega Drive Megatron

This is odd but awesome. Takara Tomy (known outside Japan simply as Tomy), creators of Transfomers, have decided to combine their ultra hit toy line with videogames. Transformers are certainly no strangers to videogames, but this time it's a little different. Instead of the Transformers starring in a game, a game console is becoming a transformer.

They're calling it the Mega Drive Megatron and hot damn is it cool.

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codelyoko1765d ago

When i read the title, i was like "oooh the are going to put a big ass electricity transformer in a console for some serious fireworks" -.......-

Sam Fisher1765d ago

Well no point if the the consoling part isnt working, it just for looks, pity

AnEwGuY1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Well, that was Mega lame. シ

hazelamy1764d ago

i want one.
no, actually, i want a whole line of Transformers that transform into games consoles.