Pachter on Xbox One: Microsoft Should Unbundle Kinect to Lower Price; Sony is "Kicking their B*tt"

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter is known to be very vocal on what Microsoft should do to catch up to Sony in the battle between the Xbox One and the PS4, and today he mentioned that the only way for that to happen is for Kinect to be removed from the box.

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iGAM3R-VIII1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I doubt MS will ever unbundle the Kinect this Gen. It's just seen as such a big aspect to the X1 and I doubt MS will especially since they like money so why not make more money off of a Kinect. It's sad I know that Kinect will never be bundled until 5+ years later but I have to admit.

Docknoss1713d ago

Every company loves money even your precious Sony, and MS knows they would sale more consoles without kinect. But then the One would loose the foundation it was built around.

Abash1713d ago

I think Microsoft are hopeful Titanfall will make the Xbox One sell like the PS4 is selling. If it doesn't have that effect, they'll have to drop the price

RiPPn1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

@Abash: I agree 100%. If Titanfall doesn't spark sales, I bet a price drop or a Kinect free version will be released shortly after.

@truefan1: Why on earth would you put your support and even boast that your company of choice has a higher profit margin? All that means is they have found a better way to gouge you foolish fanboy.

truefan11713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

@Dockness lol they believe Sony is a not for profit company. The facts are that MSFT's profit margin is higher than Sony's for each console sold, I think MSFT knows lowering the price would sell more hence why I believe they are fine with their position and are standing with their bet on Kinect. I personally love Kinect and anyone who comes to my house loves it as well. Kinect is what makes the XB1 stand out from the ps4. Not to mention Titanfall will move units and they have established system sellers coming out the next 3 years, Halo 2 anniversary holiday 2014 (just for the multiplayer), Halo 5 holiday 2015, and Gears holiday 2016.

Also you ps4 fans on this site flip flop more than politicians, now Patcher is a genius and back on your good side, what a joke.

ZombieKiller1713d ago

"Your precious Sony"

Seriously? I understand that people are entitled to their own opinion, but are you really bashing someone who prefers Sony over Microsoft? Do you realize that you are not a gamer to M$ but just another way to make money? I feel like that every time I boot up my 360 with all the ads I paid for to NOT go away. Or every time they hide the auto renew and XBL charges me $10 a month.
Let me guess, next you're going to compare PS+ to XBL's "value" next with their "free" games.
Before you do, I got Bioshock Infinite, DmC, Outlast and Borderlands 2 in the last 2 months with PS+, Dead Island 1 on XBL.

Yeah, keep defending your company while they find new ways to overcharge you and take your money.

Baka-akaB1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Are you sure you wanna boast about kinect in a same sentence (?) praising a blockbuster like Titan Fall that wont bother using it ?

Besides gloating about profits you dont earn as a shareholder , is rather sad and pointless . It get's depressing when so little of that "winning" (done with a Sheen voiceover ) money was invested till recently into more games

dedicatedtogamers1713d ago

So pretty much, you admit that the foundation of the X1 is bad (like you said, without Kinect, they'd sell more consoles) but you still support Microsoft?

Mkay, bro.

jmac531713d ago

@Abash the reason the 360 version of Titanfall got delayed is because there is not much of a difference and they wanted the X1 version to get all the limelight to boost console sales.

morganfell1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

The X1 wasn't built around Kinect... Kinect is a peripheral of the X1.


I do not want to ever be in a real fight or even a MP match with you on my team. The X1 was built around surrender. Surrender your rights, surrender your ownership, surrender your ability to choose a buyer for your used games, surrender your freedom as a gamer.

thereapersson1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Lol TrueFan1, the desperation is strong with you. It doesn't matter WHO says it, the fact that MS would be better served keeping Kinect a separate peripheral and lowering the price on the system is common sense. Pachter IS wrong most of the time - that opinion hasn't changed - it's just that he happens to share an opinion that many in the industry would align with. This has nothing to do with being a PlayStation fan and you know it.

OrangePowerz1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I don't know for you, but I still wait to see Kinect do all the things for games that MS promised when they showed the Kinect 1 the first time. All it's good for so far is draining resources and doing voice control and the later thing you could achieve without a pricy tacked on device. Just look at Tomb Raider that has the same voice commands on both next gen consoles and all you need for the PS4 is either the included headset or any other headset to use them.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31713d ago

Hmmm...the Xbox 360 only sold 5 million within it's first 8 months on the market. I'm sure MS isn't overestimating it's stance with it's successor being more expensive--that it would do more than what the 360 did in that amount of time.

ThunderSpark1713d ago

Titanfall will spark sales initially, as do all new game releases on any console, but since it releases on the Xbox 360 and PC, I don't see the sales bump for the XBox One being a lasting one. PS4 is the rave now and will remain that way for the rest of this generation.

Eonjay1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

They can't remove the Kinect because all that would be left is an morbidly obese system that can't keep up in math class. The gimmick that is supposed to justify the extra money is Kinect. It would work to have two system the same price and Xbox wouldn't hold up on its own against the PS4 spec-wise.

ABizzel11713d ago


How will it lose the foundation it was built on, when voice controls have been proven to work with a simply headset w. a mic, and it still has HDMI-In?

The camera is pointless, and a waste of money preventing more people from adopting the XBO.

The most reasonable choices are to remove the free headset included with the XBO, and drop the price to $450, or remove Kinect and drop the price to $400.

I suspect the headset would likely be the first to go, simply because they want Kinect out there to scoop up the casual market, but the casual market aren't buying a video game console for $500. They won't even buy a Wii U for $300, and most of their peripherals transfer seamlessly.

The XB fans are the only gamers out buying XBO's at $500, most core gamers are looking for a $300 - $400 price point before jumping on board, and the longer MS takes the longer PS4 breaks away from them, and the more people on the fence begin adopting PS4 instead of waiting.

Take Kinect out of there, it's utterly pointless, and it's preventing MS from launching in more territories sooner than later. Drop it, and re-bundle it when the XBO is at an entry price.

4Sh0w1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

lol, X1 had the 180 bad press pre launch, it launched a week after ps4, it hasn't hit even half the markets ps4 is in, it's $100 more expensive, it broke 360 sells records and as we know 360 was a major success, it beat ps4 in Dec npd, X1 has a better lineup of games and everyone involved with xbox are talking about more great games to come, micros recent financial report was very positive, while sony looks like a company in financial trouble= how in the hell is that getting your butt kicked?

Funny how when Pachter is bashing micro he's taken seriously but when it's sony he's a joke, right?

"PlayStation Now 'is a joke', says Pachter"

Personally I just think Pachter is a over paid fanboy, milking his status for all its worth.

Eonjay1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


I have to agree with you on the Micheal Patcher point. The man isn't stupid. Micheal makes predictions based on data (as all analyst do) and he sometime gets things wrong (which he has admitted to). I believe that he is right that a $499 Xbox One is fundamentally disadvantaged against a 399 PS4. I also believe that the version of PSNow that he has envisioned would be questionable business, but I don't think it reflects Sony's path forward. Sony claims that publishers are bullish about PSNow so they already know the setup. But I can see why people dismiss his predictions sometimes.

QuickdrawMcgraw1713d ago

@morganfell..So what your saying is the Xbox1 is the France of gaming consoles.

assdan1713d ago

Good reply. The above guy doesn't even mention sony. And who said our "precious sony" doesn't want money? I'm tired of people doing that kind of crap. We know their goal is to make money. And sony made a better long term when speaking of the PS4.

Bigpappy1713d ago

I don't know why people think X1 needs to outsell PS4 to be successful. Asking M$ to remove Kinect to achieve that is stupid and not understanding what M$'s goal is with X1.

X1 is built as a living room device that you can uses to consume all of your entertainment from the couch and never have touch a remote. You just walk into the room and start telling Xbox what you want to do and it provides it.

This gen has a long way to go. The use of Kinect will grown overtime. Their will not be a Kinectless X1 this gen even if sale are below expectation, which they are not... not in N.A. at least.

SkyGamer1713d ago

Why does everyone think that Kinect is the reason? It is not. You have more hardware to be unlocked later and that is the reason why.

donman11713d ago


Titanfall will only boast sales in the US (Home base) but not so much in the other territories. I don't see this game providing the boast Microsoft is hoping for.

tokugawa1713d ago Show
Giul_Xainx1713d ago

Microsoft needs to release a model that includes a blu ray drive, but without kinect, at a price of 250 dollars. All to "win over the hearts" of its potential consumers you must make them.... well shit... can't say the b word otherwise people would think Sony...

Honestly if it was me in charge of the xbox brand back in march I would have completely scrapped the project, re worked the chipsets to remove kinect first. Second I would rename the item how it should have been named the xbox 720. Third.... release holiday 2014. Fangirls will disagree with this saying they can't lose grounds with playstation... But look at where this tornado of a console is drifting to. A discless unit. And I hope to god they don't pull another hd dvd add on type answer for the "savvy consumer," when it comes to disc based games only. And of all places for this tornado to hit I hope it doesn't force developers to go all digital right here right now. Which would mean the 3.2 million current xbox owners will have to abandon their local game stores.

Someone better buy the xbox brand and turn this S around quick. 180 jokes aside right now the xbox is in serious jeopardy.

n4rc1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Why is everything winning and losing?

You don't need to win to be successful.. They aren't even the same price point.

Ms makes huge profits.. They have been "winning" for years.. What any other company does is irrelevant

Xbox or ps4s success doesn't depend on beating the other.. Both can meet their targets and best believe those targets aren't influenced by the other guys sales

Its like you make a million dollars.. Is that a success only if the other guy makes $900k? If he made $1.1m does that suddenly change what you did?

If you would suddenly feel like you lost, that's insecurity. Not business.

Unreal011713d ago


That never seemed to apply to the PS3 when that was released. There was so much hate towards that.

n4rc1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Maybe so.. But I wasn't a part of that.. And wouldn't have been

I would feel the same regardless.. And if ps3 got the same hate as xbox is getting now... Then that sucks too

karl1713d ago


are u really happy u will be playing old halo and gears till 2016?


avengers19781713d ago

Don't they need to make there UI easier to navigate with a controller before they even think about dropping kinect. Even then it will probably bring it down to the same price as the PS4 witch really won't help them all that much.

morganfell1713d ago


Blame Sony fans if you want. That is like blaming Seattle fans for Denver's loss.

You sound bitter.

The truth is you hate facts. Particularly it would seem are those which you cannot ignore.

jmc88881713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

But you can buy Titanfall on PC.

Now, I understand...many people don't have a PC, and many that do are 3-5-7 years old and were never top end to begin with.

Well, ya know this a Source engine game right? Meaning even a midrange PC from 5 years ago will run it with ease.

If you can play Half Life 2 good (that's from 2004), maybe a bit more power then that, you should be able to run Titanfall on your PC.

Left 4 Dead? Team Fortress 2?

This game is not going to be a graphical wunderkind. I'm sure it'll have good 'style' of graphics which make it look nice THAT WAY.

But this game really isn't going to be very taxing.

DragonKnight1712d ago

@truefan1: "lol they believe Sony is a not for profit company."

Funny, I don't recall anyone saying or implying that in any way.

"The facts are that MSFT's profit margin is higher than Sony's for each console sold."

Prove it.

"Kinect is what makes the XB1 stand out from the ps4."

Yes you're right, it's made the XB1 the weaker of the two consoles. That's a great way to stand out.

"Not to mention Titanfall will move units and they have established system sellers coming out the next 3 years, Halo 2 anniversary holiday 2014 (just for the multiplayer), Halo 5 holiday 2015, and Gears holiday 2016"

You don't know what Titanfall is going to do so that point is disregarded. Halo 2 anniversary is a remake that's not going to move units. Funny how Sony doing remakes is laughed at but MS doing it means system sellers. I don't know if that means the console has terrible games and needs a remake to sell consoles or not, you tell me. Halo 5 might sell consoles, but it could also suck. You don't know when the next Gears game is coming out, so another disregarded point.

@4Sh0w: "it broke 360 sells records and as we know 360 was a major success."

It broke 360 LAUNCH sale records, that's not hard to do. The PS4 broke records too.

"it beat ps4 in Dec npd."

A)What about globally? B)PS4 has stock shortage due to demand outstripping Sony's ability to make the consoles. Gee, everyone wanting your console so badly is such a terrible problem to have.

"X1 has a better lineup of games in my opinion."


And assuming you're objectively correct, I have to remind you the same way I remind all Xbox fanboys of a simple truth. Microsoft decided to starve 360 gamers of games for 3 years in order to move games that were supposed to be for the 360 to launch on the Xbox One. So I wouldn't gloat if I were you.

"everyone involved with xbox are talking about more great games to come."

Microsoft has always been big on talk and small on action.

"micros recent financial report was very positive, while sony looks like a company in financial trouble= how in the hell is that getting your butt kicked?"

Answer: Because overall company financial reports hasn't impacted the gaming portion of either company. MS' financial situation is irrelevant, as is Sony's. Actually, Sony has decided to put more focus on their gaming division due to the poor performance of their computer and television products, so I'd say Sony's financial situation is actually BETTER for their gaming division.

"Funny how when Pachter is bashing micro he's taken seriously but when it's sony he's a joke, right?"

No, Pachter is always a joke. But this time his stupidity has merit. MS should unbundle Kinect and Sony is kicking MS' butt with the PS4.

Did you know that in Italy and Sweden, pre-ordering inFAMOUS Second Son will get you 2 Red Bull and a package of condoms? Guess why.

UltraNova1712d ago

My friend The ONE took the blue pill this time around... i.e they fucked up.

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hulk_bash19871713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I would buy the One right now if it was $100 dollars cheaper. But I will wait until they release the white model cause it looks effing sweet.

PS4isKing_821713d ago

Same here. I can't wait for the white model so I can play forza 5.

hulk_bash19871713d ago

Yup I was originally going to make the jump as soon as Titanfall comes out. But, hearing they are releasing the White model later on in the year I'm just gonna wait it out.

Raiden1713d ago

All i want to say is that the kinect is perfect for me. XBO is really a all in one, I use to chat to my family on a daily bases and before you jump up and say i do that on my PC, table or phone, i do this one device, and that's the point. one device. I come home from work play Forza chat to the family as i lay on the sofa. My point is clear this is a good device for me, it more than just for games, adults will understand kids won't.

hulk_bash19871713d ago

That's good for you my friend I am not saying it isn't a good console. I also said I will be getting one eventually. No need to get so defensive about it.

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FATHASUN1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

It is more likely that the rumored discless XBoxOne will happen than a Kinectless One. For one it would lower the price like some are clamoring for without having to do another 180. Which would only diminish consumer confidence further. This also sets the stage for them to go in the intended direction of Microsoft's DReaM* for the One in the first place. That's a 180 that MS would love.


OrangePowerz1713d ago

Removing a Blu Ray drive and adding a larger HDD doesn't make the console much cheaper to produce and with games reaching up to 50GB in size that doesn't seem like a good idea. Plus that all in one media device wouldn't even play disc based movies anymore, not really an all in one device.

MRMagoo1231713d ago

yup those $5 wholesale bluray drives would really drop the price $100 , then the bigger hard drive price too lol, lucky MS isnt run by you fathasun

FATHASUN1713d ago


Those were not my ideas. They are rumored possibilities supposedly coming from MSs camp. Im stating that is more likely to happen than them removing the Kinect. I did not mention anything regarding an amount either. The $100 seems burned in peoples minds.

If I were running MS I would've went back to what originally made the XBox brand viable. Games. Games. Games. That was the original promise. MS seemingly gave up half way through the 360s life. 3rd console curse or 3rd console arrogance?

jmc88881713d ago

But the rumor makes no sense.

I know Microsoft is run by a bunch of morons who can't design a game system, lie through their teeth about seemingly everything, and would attempt to hype their grandmother's knitting as an action packed once in a lifetime event, but there is no way that removing the disc drive and adding a bigger hd saves them money. If anything it would cost them money.

I'm sure some would like to be 'all digital'. But as a person with Steam/Origin accounts and many 2 TB hard drives, I can attest even with 6 TB of hd space for games..mostly LAST GEN games, it gets crowded. I delete games all the time.

I don't see how 1 TB as games get LARGER is going to work. 5-20 gb's per game becomes 20-60 gb's (besides indies) all fitting on 1 TB? I don't see that working. For people who don't buy many games, like under 10 games in 7 years...perhaps it works. If you plan to buy more then that you're going to start running into problems.

The bluray drive is going to be needed by people, and yes it also goes against their marketing of all-in-one device. It's also cheap. People forget that there are plans for discs with hundreds of gb's per disc....holographic disc drives. Disc drives and thus discs are nowhere near their end point. Again, I have hundreds of steam games, yet I also buy quite a few discs. It's not 'either/or' and those talking about going 'all digital' are just being sort of naive about an idea. The novelty of it. A plan, then when actually implemented, kind of sticks out as stupid. Somewhat digital for some. Mostly digital for most, sure. All digital? Doesn't really work well. Sounds good in theory. Doesn't work well in practice unless you don't buy many games.

It would also be another Microsoft boneheaded move where just about everyone want them to remove Kinect and instead of giving people what they wanted they take out the disc drive, which maybe 5 or 10 out of 100 of those people may view favorably.

Tons of parents would come home with the XB1 and a few games, and then go WTF!!! Hell and the moron behind the counter probably won't even realize what the customer is doing...or maybe care. Some however would put 2 and 2 together and inform them that those discs won't work on XB1, at which point I would expect quite a few purchase abandonments.

Now is there room for a disc drive model? Not really. They can just as easily put the bigger hard drive in the unit. Plus the thing about consoles is they are supposed to be somewhat standardized. Are they going to have the full model, a kinectless model, and a discless mode1? Hell does the discless model have kinect..or will they need two models of the discless as well?

Where are companies supposed to keep all these? They already have overflowing stock of just 1 SKU of the XB1. Plus who is going to run out and buy a discless model? They currently can't be bothered with picking one up, but suddenly a discless model would drive sales? It's a lot of hassle, a bit of risk, and for what benefit?

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ZombieKiller1713d ago

Why is Sony kicking Microsofts batt again and why do we keep censoring words so I can't guess what they are?!


Seriously, this is twice now on here! What's with the censorship? My virgin eyes need to learn bad words!

FATHASUN1713d ago

That censorship is in the original articles title.

TheForwardUnto1713d ago

Because you can't get laid. Here five bucks, buy yourself a hooker.

ZombieKiller1713d ago

Please Forward Unto....I was making a joke. Your pathetic attempt at trolling wasn't even funny and if you've read ANY of my other comments, you'll see I've got my own place and a girlfriend.

Oh that's right, trolls don't read. I forgot.

hellzsupernova1713d ago

it will be unbundled by next year if Sony keep outselling them 2 to 1. Microsoft will get pressured by third parties who have exclusive games on their platform plus shareholders will pressure them as well.

Regardless of what everone believe Patcher is actually good at what he does

otherZinc1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

It's just 2 months in: PS4 won November, XBOX ONE won December.
Also, M$ showed "actual" sales numbers for both months, SONY didn't.

It's close in sales. January & February are dry, won't be that many consoles moving as there are no big titles dropping.

However, March is the month all eyes will be watching as TitanFall & Infamous Second Son launch.

March is tour barometer. March will set the tone for the year.

I expect 2 million TitanFall units to move 1st week of sales & I'm only talking XBOX ONE. Infamous won't come close.

ABizzel11713d ago

Keep telling yourself that to make you sleep better at night.

PS4 is outselling XBO 2:1 in EU, PS4 is outselling XBO 2:1 in ROW, PS4 is just barely ahead of XBO in NA, but as soon as stock was replenished in NA PS4 outsold XBO 2:1 the last week of NA NPD.

That's not a good at all, and while the XBO numbers are dropping, the PS4 is actually on the rise.

Was likely going to win EU, and ROW since the PS3 did even with a higher price point the entire generation (Wii has a 1 million lead over PS3 in EU, but it'll be gone in a couple months), and PS2, and PS1 have also won those regions.

JP is the next launch for the PS4, and it's only going to make the gap much wider as the XB brand does nothing in Japan.

PS4 has likely reached 5+ million PS4 since the end of January, and by the time the XBO reaches 4 million sold, PS4 will be around 6 million. There's no spinning that, and spinning doesn't fix the problem at hand that the PS4 is $100 cheaper, more powerful, has a proven record with award winning exclusive games thanks to the PS3, and is a console made and backed by developers for gamers. Those 4 things are why the PS4 is outselling the XBO, and will continue to soundly do so, until MS makes some drastic changes.

tokugawa1713d ago

abizzle lol Keep telling yourself that to make you sleep better at night

i think that should be repeated for you

beerzombie1713d ago

Titanfall is a big game. all my friends that have a X1 are buying and we are all talking about it. The X1 is a shooters machine and what a lot of people want to play. That's why MS can rotate their shooters every year and get away with it.

jmc88881712d ago


A shooters machine? See that's your friends being naive. I'm not knocking you, I'm just calling a baseball...round (or spherical).

Both consoles and PC's are shooters machine. If you guys think XB1 has something over PC's or a PS4 on shooters, you are quite wrong.

If anything PS4 and PC's have something over XB1. They can play all those shooters and play so at a higher quality level.

EA is probably kicking themselves in the butt for making Titanfall exclusive. But only the FIRST one. Again it isn't really exclusive as I don't have an XB1, but will be playing it in 1080p/60 on my PC guaranteed. Not even XB1 owners can say that yet. It might even be $10 cheaper, but knowing EA, probably full price on PC like their other games.

(though I did hear GMG at some point had a titanfall preorder special for PC. I should see if that is still valid)

Just because you and your friend MISTAKENLY believe that this generation is like last generation and therefore the XB1 is a shooter machine...and the others aren't...then you guys are only fooling yourselves, because if I had to point to what platform is the worst for shooters amongst XB1, PS4, and PC it is HANDS DOWN the XB1.

You know why? Because only on XB1 are you basically guaranteed a lower resolution throughout the generation.

So all those far away snipers and campers are just that much harder to spot on the XB1. Because of lower resolutions.

They say frame per second is king for shooters. You know what the queen is? Resolution.

Might want to think about that. 1080 vs 720. Or 900 vs 720. At some point it might be 900 vs 600p because of the ESRAM.

Enjoy your XB1, this isn't about that. But to think the XB1 is going to play shooters better is laughable. You and your friends need to face reality on this and STILL ENJOY YOUR XB1!!!

But don't abandon reality for a fantasy.

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jessupj1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I would bet on my life that MS will never drop the kinect and the reason has nothing to do with gaming.

MS knew dam well kinect wasn't popular with the core. They knew dam well it was almost useless for gaming apart from 1 or 2 key games. They knew it would increase the price and make their console a lot less desirable but they still did.


Because of all the money they will get from advertising firms from selling user information gathered from kinect.

That's always been the purpose of the kinect from the start. They tried to disguise it by adding voice commands, but I think at this point in time it's pretty obvious it's useless as a gaming device. At least to core gamers anyway.

MS doesn't care about gaming at all. They'll keep kinect and they'll keep selling user information. They'll drop the price and eat the loss before they get rid of kinect.

beerzombie1713d ago

They don't need a Kinect to do that. these companies know everything about you and your game console. They know how many times you hit the A button and what you watch what you play how you play.
They have this information and you are happy to give it to them. that's how they determine what to develop and sell to you.

ITPython1713d ago

For people who refuse to use the Kinect, they better hope MS sells an unbundled version. Otherwise developers will treat the kinect like a controller (a peripheral they know everybody has), which may end up forcing people to use it if they want to play certain games.

So not only are they being forced to pay extra for something they don't want to use, but they may also be forced to use it if they want to play that game which requires it's use.

MS has pretty much failed all the next-gen tests, so it seems really unlikely they will release a kinectless console based on their history of making terrible choices.

TheXgamerLive1713d ago

Some you are hillarious. MS is selling more units per market than sony. Sony is in double the markets of Microsoft yet last #'s were 4.2 vs 3.2 million units sold.

Rustynail1713d ago

What a stupid thing to say. EVERY company loves money.

come_bom1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"t's just seen as such a big aspect to the X1 and I doubt MS will especially since they like money so why not make more money off of a Kinect."

That... is a pretty dumb thing to say. According to you, a company likes money so they bundle their product with crap that hardly anybody wants, that way increasing the price and selling much less consoles then they could?

A company that likes money wants to sell as many consoles as they can. When the sales go down and people stop buying their console, i bet Microsoft will release a Kinetless X1... unless they are too stupid to not do so.

Gamer19821713d ago

They cannot unbundle it now. They have backed themselves into a corner with putting it into the box from the start. They have made the console very kinect friendly unlike the 360 and devs are putting kinect integration into there games. So to rip it out now would massively upset developers and leave people scratching their heads. Not to mention their own studios who are working on Kinect titles which MS are hoping to shift a lot of copies of. They won't sell those games if there is a cheaper non kinect console as 95% of gamers will go for the non kinect bundle.

come_bom1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

hummm... so what's the point of Kinect games if sales of the X1 go way down in comparison to the PS4?

Microsoft made a bet with Kinect, but if that bet doesn't pay off, do you really think Microsoft will continue supporting it ?

Sales of the X1 are good for now, but with a price tag at 500€ I suspect in the next 6-12 months, sales will deteriorate quite a lot in comparison with the PS4. There are a few things Microsoft could do:
- take a huge hit on each console and decrease the 500€ price tag to a 400€ price tag.
- release a Kinectless X1 at the price 350-400€
- release a diskless X1 at 400€ according to rumors (dumbest idea ever).

As Pachter says "Sony is "Kicking their B*tt""
If Microsoft doesn't do something, then Sony will continue kicking their butt.

rainslacker1713d ago

How many games have an absolute need to have Kinect? Just that fighting game from Ubisoft to my knowledge. The Kinect is already optional, and the features added to games for it are also optional, with varying degrees of usefulness.

It's not unlike last gen right now, where they have "better with kinect", or Sony's own Move functionality, but there are a few games that absolutely must have it. I don't see why this paradigm has to be changed, as so far, no developer is taking the Kinect any more seriously than they did last gen.

I doubt it would upset developers to remove it. Adding kinect integration takes time away from other tasks to complete the game. Time is money, and I would think most developers making a serious AAA title would prefer to spend that time on other aspects on the game. There are a large number of people who don't use the features even when included, and the only reason you see these feature inclusions is to catch those people that do care about it and add a selling point onto the box. There's a catch though. If MS could push significantly more consoles by removing the Kinect, and dropping the price, then the install base goes up, which means more games sell, something no developer or publisher would be upset about as it takes away more risk that the game won't sell.

Magicite1713d ago

Kinect is quite popular among casual gamers and non-gamers, but if this gen will be like 6th gen was (PS2 vs X180), then MS will have to do anything they can to stay strong.

Aceman181713d ago

i would consider purchasing an X1 if they did the following

1 redesigned the system (i hate the cable box look)
2 lower price
3 drop the camera (i dont care for voice controls, etc)
4 show more commitment to variety not just the same ole exclusives
5 this is the most important point of them all SUPPORT THE SYSTEM from its beginning to it end.

they do these 5 simple tasks for me then i'll consider placing this box on my tv stand.

frostypants1713d ago

Just because they make more revenue per unit by bundling the Kinect doesn't mean they wouldn't make more money overall by removing it. And they'd definitely make more money in long term software sales by increasing the base. This is where Pachter is coming from.

bennissimo1712d ago

Buy the X1, or don't. The games are all that matters, not the Kinect.

If a $100 difference makes or breaks your console purchase, you should be saving your money instead of spending it on video games.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I dont think titanfall is going to move consoles with it already being on multiple platforms of which are already in 100+ million homes as we speak... Not making this an XB1 exclusive was their biggest mistake, because once again here is microsoft counting on a 3rd party title to boost console sales...

Kriandis1712d ago

Michael Pachter just now says what every gamer was saying from the very beginning of the Xbox One launch.
Great Insight Man.

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LOGICWINS1713d ago

I don't see how yet another "reversal" will help them. It'll only make them look weaker.