Game on: Sony's new PlayStation is snapped up by black marketeers as it finally hits streets in Japan

BY THE time his moment of joy arrives, Taiga Ishikawa will have been roughing it for 28 hours, but no one could be better equipped for a night on the streets of Tokyo.
He has his red cotton slippers and bamboo sleeping mat. He has 30 comic books to read and a supply of cold coffee and cold noodle sandwiches. Mr Ishikawa is a 20-year-old computer game otaku - a Japanese nerd - and in just a few hours his vigil will be rewarded with a jewel beyond price.

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Weapon X4454d ago

I'll be at the Best Buy in my town all night long -- and everyday starting Wednesday the 15th. It's my vacation time and Anyone who gets in my way gets an adamantium colonostomy -- period.