Playstation Network, Xbox Live and GameRanger Blocked in Pakistan Due to A Mistake

The Gaming Services Xbox Live, Playstation Network and GameRanger have been completely blocked in Pakistan - due to an accident. Gamers have so far gone 22 hours without online multiplayer and counting.

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NeoTribe1765d ago ShowReplies(3)
GentlemenRUs1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Whoops, Seems to be the biggest goof-up of the week :P

You should get BANNED for saying something like that...

codelyoko1765d ago

Haha i know, idk whats up with them. Last week they accidentally blocked Disqus and Foursquare :/

DragonKnight1765d ago

THEY BLOCKED THE KIDS SHOW FOURSQUARES! How can you have a problem with this?

Oh wait, you said Foursquare, without the plural. Well don't I feel silly.

darksky1765d ago

Neotribes post was offensive but I don't get why mine was also removed.
I take it Americans love to censor posts when it goes against them...freedom of speech my a**.

mafiahajeri1765d ago

@logicstomper @gentlemanRUS

True gentleman :) sadly can't say that much for neotribe...

yawer1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I am from Pakistan and i daily play Age of empires 2 on Gameranger, this sucks so much for two days now i cant join a game or host one.They should fix this shit fast.

codelyoko1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

In the same boat lol :P Steam still seems to be up at the moment though.

sweetstyle1765d ago

i am from pakistan and except for youtube everything working fine just played ffxiv on my ps3 gonna check halo on xbox now..

AsimLeonheart1765d ago

I am from Pakistan too. Man, I want to play ff14 so much! I have never played an MMORPG. What kind of internet connection are you using? How does it plays? I intend to play it on a PS4 in a couple of years inshallah. I buy consoles a couple of years down the road when they iron out all the hardware kinks or release a slimmer model. Consoles produced later in the years tend to last longer.

sweetstyle1764d ago

i am using connect 10mbps ping is always around 14 to 4 but it is only available in karachi so that is one of requirement you will need to get their internet best thing about it, it is only 3000rs(30$) and same here i always buy consoles year later when new version becomes available