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(CriticalIndieGamer) It’s difficult to not feel a little underwhelmed with Jazzpunk. After all its time in development Necrophone Games has somehow managed to deliver a game that is as much other people’s as it is their own. Don’t get us wrong, this is a fun game, but we can’t help feeling like we have seen it all before. Boiling the game down to its constituent parts reveals very little originality, a handful of side quests and minigames, and a very linear path to its finale. The short length of the game is, perhaps, its saving grace; sitting through 8 hours of “There’s that joke from that film that came out in 1980″ is not a task we would want to partake in. So, should you buy Jazzpunk? If you have a high tolerance for repetitive humour, and don’t mind the odd bug here and there, you will find a lot to like – so long as you understand where the references come from. On the other hand, if you don’t understand the humour, you will find Jazzpunk to be a vapid experience with little to keep you engaged.

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PeaSFor1713d ago

played the first mission and the sidequest, had a buttload of silly fun last night.

It may not be for everyone but i really dig the ridiculousness.

TGR1712d ago

Thanks very much, dude :)