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"When the Wii U launched just over a year ago, many criticized one of its leading exclusives, ZombiU, for being just a bad game. Is it really though?"

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tinkypop1713d ago

love this game.. Somthing about beating zombie with a union jack cricket bat, that make me smile.

wonderfulmonkeyman1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

It has its flaws, like the melee weapon not being that good for more than one target at a time and the projectile weapons attracting way too much attention thus rendering them a bad choice, and losing all your skills between character deaths, but its got something a lot of other Survival Horror games have lacked lately;

The right atmosphere.

You actually do feel helpless and alone despite the guy on the radio trying to get you out of there alive.
You feel that sense of tension and panic whenever you're spotted.
Surviving is actually tough. It lives up to the name "Survival Horror" in a way that a lot of other action-based Zombie games lately haven't been able to accomplish.
Not a game I'd recommend playing in the dark unless you're not prone to jump scares.XD

tinkypop1713d ago

But finding a old survival fully kitted out bob, make fill like Xmas all over again. Lol

deafdani1712d ago

I don't think the flaws you listed are flaws, actually; they do contribute to making the game so tense, and forcing you to be careful in your playthrough.

Do you think in real life you would be able to hit zombies faster with a cricket bat? Do you know how heavy they are?

I didn't mind the bat being so slow and clunky to handle; although I wish it had more animations, and we had more melee weapons, just for variety's sake.

Projectile weapons being loud thus drawing the attention of zombies > awesome.

Losing everything you gathered up if you die > awesome. That makes every single zombie encounter really tense. For once, you actually are afraid of dying, because this game really punish you over it.

Zombi U may be a rough game around the edges, but the core gameplay was superb in my opinion. Of course, there's A LOT of room to improve upon, and I would love to see a sequel with all the issues ironed out. To date, Zombi U remains one of my favorite Wii u games because of its unique gameplay.

wonderfulmonkeyman1712d ago

To the cricket bat point; it's a video game. I think a lack of realism isn't something to be too concerned over, therefore having the ability to swing a cricket bat fast enough to take down more than one zombie at a time would have been a good thing.
Or at least let us use a different sort of attack, like a wide swing that does less damage but stuns longer and hits up to 3 zombies at a time, something like that.

Projectile weapons could have been given silencers at some point, but they weren't.

Losing physical objects if you die, I can understand, but I still feel that losing absolutely all of your skills is a bit much.

I do agree that I would love to see a sequel, but yeah, they'd have to iron things out without killing the difficulty, if they did so.

BosSSyndrome1712d ago

Some weapons did have silencers actually.

CrossingEden1713d ago

This game is so tedious and not fun, the atmosphere is not worth the tedium. Especially not the extremely repetitive and random horde sections where a bunch of zombies randomly spawn.

R00bot1713d ago

Most zombie games these days are just horde sections. You should feel lucky that this game has other parts to it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1713d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Tidybrutes1713d ago

I got this game from Tesco recently in a clearnce sale for £1.25

BosSSyndrome1713d ago

Still my favorite Wii U game so far that ive played.

Myst1713d ago

Same here I need to go back and play.

ForgottenProphecy1712d ago

I agree, it's my favorite too, but it's the only one I have xD