Is Toukiden the Long-Awaited Monster Hunter Killer? | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: Ever since Monster Hunter went over to Nintendo, gamers have been looking for something to replace it on the Vita. This has resulted in a lot of games being dubbed the “Monster Hunter killer,” but that has yet to happen. With Toukiden set to release next week, is it the Monster Hunter game you’ve been waiting for?

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admiralvic1713d ago

Already preordered and can't wait! Anyone else interested and want to add me for some online co-op?

FamilyGuy1713d ago

Waiting on the PS Vita tv U.S release *sigh*

hkgamer1712d ago

are any vita games compatible with vita tv?

FamilyGuy1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

All of them are except the ones with heavy touch screen focus like teraway.

ChaosKnight1713d ago

Well, it's perhaps the most #@!able game I've ever played.

Sanquine901713d ago

What? You didn't like it i suppose:) Good for you!

Sanquine901713d ago

Haha, if i knew that:P I'm more into Yu even if the kaichou is going to kill me.

SirBradders1713d ago

From all the previews I've seem so far it definitely looks to be a fun game. I'm gonna buy it on release and give it a go.

Sanquine901713d ago

It's a game i have been looking forward to since it was announced. Some people bash it for no reason since .... Rambles about Monster hunter clone blabla

admiralvic1713d ago

" Rambles about Monster hunter clone blabla"

Those people really need to shut the **** up. We can pretty much consider Monster Hunter a genre, since thats really all it is. Not like we call platformers Mario clones or anything like that. I mean, a lot of these games are similar, but mostly in the way games of the same genre are similar.

nope1111713d ago

This man.... this man gets it.
It IS a genre now, deal with it haters.

nerdman671713d ago

Played the demo, not impressed. Monster hunter is still better.

HellzAssassin1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I'm impressed, and I loved the demo. But I agree, Monster Hunter is still better. If only Sony could bring MH to the PS4/PS Vita...

radecGaming1713d ago

But Monster Hunter Frontier G? is confirmed for the Vita..localization is the problem

blademaster091712d ago

^ Monster Hunter Frontier G will be localized.

nerdman671712d ago

It is fun, just not a monster hunter killer by any means

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The story is too old to be commented.