Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Enters Beta; Fantastic Trailer Shared; Release Coming Soon

At long last, since Square Enix won't really provide fans with what they need to play Final Fantasy Type-0 in a language they can understand, you'll soon be able to enjoy the game in English thanks to the efforts of the folks at SkyRomHacking Nest.

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Magicite1716d ago

Too bad its only coming on handheld(s) :(

Chrono1716d ago

And PC, if you know what I mean.

Magicite1716d ago

Emulator doesnt really count but I got what You mean.

Jihaad_cpt1716d ago

its a handheld game though

Abriael1716d ago

Won't feel much like one when you render it at 1080p.

Abriael1716d ago

May want to read the article. Just sayin.

sashimi1716d ago

I don't get how emulator can just magically make psp games look so much better, still same textures no? just with AA and whatever gpu effects possible.

Eamon1716d ago

It can make it look a lot better, but obviously not as good as HD games.

Abriael1716d ago

@sashimi: check the trailer.

Due to how the PSP works, the emulator renders ALL the polygons at whatever texture you tell it to. You want it at 1080p? You have it.

Sure, textures aren't upscaled, but it still looks great.

Aggesan1716d ago

@Abriael Rendering polygons at textures? How exactly would that work?

Abriael1716d ago

@Agesan: whatever resolution, not texture. I don't sleep enough.

Irishguy951716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Hey, does the Psp emulator work now? Last time I checked there wasn't a working one but that was a long time ago, I had a homebrew Psp that just went missing one day. I'd be tempted to buy a Psp just for this game again, but an Emulator works? What are the requirements for it? PCSX2 runs perfect with my PC so...hows the PSP one??

As for anyone who disagrees with the fact that it's piracy, go ahead. I woulda bought this game had it been given to us but SE never bothered. Homebrew PSP was good for the sake of playing Nes/Snes etc on it.

Aggesan, the game doesn't look better, but you can play it full screen PC without getting Jaggies. It's pretty much a HD remaster(Not a remake like FFX HD or anything, more like MGS2-3 HD)

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Luke_fon_Fabre1716d ago

I hear this game is frustrating to play, but it seems so interesting that I couldn't possibly pass it up.

Kurisu1716d ago

Do you need a PC to download this or can you download directly to Vita? Not sure how emulations work as such but really...really want to play this and I don't have a PC, but I will be getting a Vita for my birthday in May.

Abriael1716d ago

Vita no. PSP yes if you have the homebrew OS.

Kurisu1716d ago

Ah, well that sucks! Guess I'll never get to play it.

Which is a shame because when I played the demo it was amazing :(

SirBradders1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Could I play this on an emulator on my phone or tablet?

iamtehpwn1716d ago

Do you have an Android phone? ppsspp supports android as well.

Unlimax1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I'm amazed by their work ..
the game has a LOOOT of texts and its amazing how they translate every detail ~

NOTE : Keep in mind that you have to be careful in choosing rendering resolutions on PPSSPP , You need to have a better GPU in order to run the game in 1080p without Texture crashes , You had to choose carefully whether its on "Auto (1:1)" ( Which is automatically choose resolution judging by your system requirements ) or by selecting specific rendering resolution ?xPSP to fit your system requirements .
If you see weird textures appears on the game .. do this ^

Ol_G1716d ago

finally i'll be able to play the game AND enjoy the story

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