Phil Spencer Expects Big Things From Capy Games

iGR: "Back at GDC Next, I had the chance to speak to Nathan Vella of Capy Games. I asked him a bit about Super Time Force, prior to it being confirmed for Xbox One. I also spoke with him about the studios Xbox One exclusive, Below. It seems I’m not the only one putting weight into the projects. Xbox exec, Phil Spencer had this to say about Capy’s upcoming games,"

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AnEwGuY1716d ago

I can't be the only one who thought that said "crappy", at first glance. :/

EBTpickle1716d ago

ROFL! It could be subliminal.

NeoTribe1715d ago

I thought same thing. If the tame turns out bad it may be there new nickname.

SaffronCurse1716d ago

We all expected RARE to have some big things in store for us since Microsoft acquired them.

GusBricker1716d ago

I think they did, just the lack of sales kill any chance of new IPs, etc.

It's a damn shame Kameo didn't get a sequel. Loved that game.

Would love if they made a new Banjo, Perfect Dark or Conker game.

But you really can't blame MS for having them make Kinect games, they sell like hotcakes.

SaffronCurse1716d ago

Well they did make Perfect Dark Zero which wasn't very at all. The Mp was alright but that SP was so baaaaaaaaaad!!

maniacmayhem1716d ago

Super Time Force was an excellent game. These are the types of games I would like to see more of. Great gameplay and design without the over focus on graphics.

Below looks to be a great game also. I hope this company goes far.

donnieboy1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Dear, Mr. Spencer
Please acquire Capy games

Bolts-N-Rays11091716d ago

I can't wait to play Super Time Force. That game looks like a lot of fun.