PS4Home: Sony Official Gold Wireless Headset Review

PS4Home: "We serious, hard-core gamers like our sound to be loud, dynamic and absolutely clear."

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oODEADPOOLOo1810d ago

Added it to my amazon wishlist def gonna check this out, for the price its pretty decent.

LOGICWINS1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Nothing about battery life.

Nothing about how it compares to the Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition so gamers can know whether or not they should upgrade.

Nothing about the reviewers own personal experience with the headset.

Its pretty obvious this person didn't ACTUALLY review these headsets, but just blindly praising it.

sinspirit1809d ago

That's how reviewers get more attention. By releasing reviews when they hardly reviewed anything just to be the first to be heard.

I remember the GT5 reviews of people that hardly got anywhere in the game and submitted full reviews in a day or two.

DivineAssault 1810d ago

I have the pulse elites & i love em.. Maybe if they ever mess up from wear n tear, ill pick these up but i see no reason to buy em now.. I like em but i also like the rumble bass in the pulse elites & these dont seem to have that feature

Brugal1810d ago

I'm in the same boat. The Pulse Elite's are fantastic and the bass is awesome, especially for listening to music.

SolidDuck1809d ago

From what I've read they don't seem to much diff from the pulse elite, just kinda a re design. Which is not a bad thing. Also they say 8 hours per charge.

ColeMacGrath1809d ago

For a second I thought it was about PS Home on PS4...

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The story is too old to be commented.