Skullgirls Encore hits PSN on Feb. 11th, XBLA unknown. Dev says testing costs $30k for consoles

JunkieMonkeys: "After finding a new home with Marvelous AQL and Cyberfront, Lab Zero games is now be able to provide console gamers with the fully up-to-date build of Skullgirls, which is currently only available on PC. There’s tons of gameplay updates, a DLC character which will be free for 3 months, game modes, connectivity fixes and more. Encore will be provided to owners of the original at no extra charge."

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GentlemenRUs1714d ago

"Dev says testing costs $30k for consoles."

Jeez! That is A LOT!

princejb1341714d ago

I'll test it out for free. Just pay 60 cents for a stamp and ship it over

jayswolo1714d ago

well, they damn near raised 1 million, so that should be more than enough to release all the DLC characters, even at $30k per patch.

But yeah, it was that or risk a buggy launch.

nope1111714d ago

I would like this on Vita.

we4201714d ago

Free PS+ game for March, pretty please.