Indoor Sports World | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

AWESOMEoutof10's Lee Cooper plays some indoor sports as they were meant to be played: inside, on a video game handheld, while laying on the couch. "It’s quite obvious why these games are normally reserved for the pub crowds; they’d have been easier to digest with a higher blood alcohol level. Even those desperate for a sporty Vita experience can do better than Indoor Sports World. It’s surly not the worst game on the system, but that bar isn’t particularly high — especially not with the sports genre. Despite an impressive variety, its utilization of touch controls is too imprecise to recommend. While it suffers from a variety of issues that plague an otherwise sound assortment of games, the worst of its offenses is being so unforgivably boring, and featuring the worlds emptiest pubs; ones that shouldn’t be focusing on hosting competitions, but rather searching for financial solutions for their struggling establishments."

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