16Bit Assassins Ep. 74: Titanfall will ruin relationships

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Friday and time for your 16Bit Assassins we got a short show for you tonight, on episode 74 we talk about Titanfall and VD, Onimusha, and Resident Evil’s music is a lie, Amazon continues on it’s quest to make a console, DICE announces it’s winners, a studio finally nixes multiplayer, Vision cast, Ms. Marvel rumored, Lego X-Men Mansion, Sonic Boom announced, Preacher comes to AMC all this and more on Ep 74, Titanfall will ruin relationships

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lifeisgamesok1716d ago

Best two words to describe Titanfall are fun and chaos

KakashiHotake1715d ago

People hate on Titan Fall unfairly because of Microsoft and EA's affiliation, but it looks like a fun game to me. I'm a PlayStation guy but also game on PC and I cannot wait to add this gem to my collection.

Tedakin1715d ago

I think most of the hate is coming from people who don't own a platform they can play it on, so they're intent on knocking the game down a peg or two. I've never seen a game cause as much fanboy rage as Titanfall. And few have even played the damn thing!

Orbilator1715d ago

I think it good but the only relationship this is gonna ruin is the one between gamers and ea/ms because as good as the beta is, I really hope theres a lot more to see and do as I did find it repetative. But thats maybe just me, so well see.

MikeCash1715d ago

Titanfall is the best game coming out in march. I can't wait to play it.

phoenixfire29121715d ago

I'm not really a fan of shooters, but I'm probably going to pick it up. It's worth giving it a shot.