Call Of Duty Ghosts (PC): "Any Players Found Using 3rd Party Software Will Be Permanently Banned"

Call Of Duty Ghosts (PC): "Any Players Found Using 3rd Party Software Will Be Permanently Banned".

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ZodTheRipper1714d ago

It shouldn't be any other way. Ruining the game for other players is the worst it offline if you feel the need to cheat.

WildArmed1714d ago

Unfortunately, these threats are pretty empty.

I remember cheating being rampant in the console counterparts, so it's hard to believe the PC version is going to be much better in terms of security.

Well here's to hoping those cheaters get bored and move on.

Skate-AK1714d ago

Hopped on BO2 on my friends 360 and the hacking was crazy. Someone was running around with the name "I_iz_casper." Like the name says he was invisible and no one could kill him.

sorane1714d ago

So doing something as simple as changing your fov(a very basic option in any pc game and a very needed option to help motion sickness) or taking the totally needless 6 gb ram requirement away is cheating in your eyes? The way I see it pc gamers are fixing a game that shouldn't need to be fixed, but the developers are too lazy and stupid to take the hour or two to fix it themselves.

1nsomniac1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Editing your FOV or removing added in game head movement is cheating yes, how is it not in your eyes??

Also colour blind mode when your not colour blind that's another common one used by you people. Its all to get an unfair advantage over someone else.... it's called cowardliness.

Its amazing looking at their Twitter feed how many kids are crying about FOV changer allowing them to see more than what is designed to be seen (& more view than other players)claiming it's not cheating haha

NarooN1714d ago Show
1nsomniac1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Try & ignore/cover up the fact all you like it just comes across as stupidity. No matter what way you look at it whether you change the FOV on PC or console (Because yes you can do it on both in many games) it is still cheating.

Just because its an option already there added by the developer it doesn't change that fact. 99% of people are going to leave FOV as it is because the game was designed around it being like that. You just want to change it to allow you to see more than other people giving you an unearned & cowardly advantage.

* & a COD player of all people with the attitude of a 10 year old keyboard warrior, telling me I'm a console scrub.... I've heard it all now!

wnek91714d ago

@1nsomniac it is intended to be 65 if ur sitting ~8feet away because if it was higher many users would get motion sickness, however sitting 1-2feet away from a computer monitor a small fov like 65 can cause motion sickness in many users, setting the game to 85-90 alleviates this. yes it gives you a complete advantage to see more but a majority of gamers on black ops 2 all set it to 90 because everyone has it set to that. limiting the game to 65 fov causes me motion sickenss and limiting the framerate is a scrub move by the developer. also colourblind mode gives an advantage but these settings are only their to alleviate disabilities. whether the player chooses to abuse these is up to them but if the option is offered to everyone its not really cheating. plus colourblind actually screws you over in ghosts because the map gains red/pink in places where it wasn't detracting your eye away from names.

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killbillvolume121714d ago

So people honestly believe "Activision" is doing this to stop cheaters bahahahahhha. Lets be honest the only reason they are doing it is to make you repurchase the game. Meanwhile at activision headquarters:

1nsomniac1714d ago

I don't play the game but this is a very good move & there should be no question about it, it should be standard!

Dirtnapstor1714d ago

And gamers who need to tweak the game to be better players tend to cry foul because the developers (attempted) patches, etc. inhibit them from being at the top of the leader boards.

sorane1714d ago

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about OP.

Revvin1714d ago

It's perhaps too little too late, there are cheats in every FPS game but I can't help but feel when playing Ghosts I'm in a very small minority who is not cheating, more so than any other game.

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