Sequel to Banner Saga will go ahead, despite dispute with King, reports Twinfinite

Stoic, the studio responsible for hugely successful, kick-starter funded The Banner Saga, have confirmed that they will be working on a sequel. This news comes as a relief to fans after the potentially disastrous consequences of a trademark claim made by King for the game’s use of the word ‘Saga’.

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Snookies121715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Good, screw King. I hope King and its boss lose everything one day. They are the definition of greed.

Mr Pumblechook1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

The American copyright system is out of control. How can the words 'candy' and 'saga' be prohibited from use in the title of any non-King game? I understand the need for them to protect their brand but you can't create a game, give it a title and then claim ownership of the words you used.

People, and small independent developers should object about the abuse of the system the right copyright authorities and too Apple and Google.

LAWSON721715d ago

I wonder how the Hasbro feels since they have a game called Candy Land which came out in like the 1940s

DeadlyFire1714d ago

Shh..Your gonna get King sued for violating Hasbro's copyright on the word "Candy"

RaggyKate1715d ago

It is ridiculous. King's argument is that they have a whole host of 'Saga' titles, so they want to protect their franchise.

DeadlyFire1714d ago

Its 99% likely King will be denied since the whole title is what needs to be used in order to violate a copyright. Saying the first or last word of a title is being stolen just doesn't work even in the flawed law system that exists this holds true.