Microsoft's $100 Offer Exposes its Fear That Sony Will Win the PS4 vs Xbox One War

Last week, Microsoft offered U.S. gamers $100 credit toward the purchase of an Xbox One if they "ditched" (traded in) their Sony PS3s. This offer, which lasts until March 2, has raised the eyebrows of investors and gamers alike.

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XiSasukeUchiha1711d ago

Yep the exposure is too real!

badboy7761711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

This is the only way Microsoft can sell there console. By getting in Bed with


And Now Promotional agreements with Machinima & Youtube. Everytime You guys talk Sales numbers you need to also Factor in How much Money Microsoft is actually losing/Spending on Marketing.

Death1711d ago

So Microsoft can only sell their consoles by advertising them and having promotions? Wow. That is pretty clever. Hopefully Sony doesn't catch on or they are really screwed.

NewMonday1711d ago

the PS4 is running ahead in America and that was XBOX360 territory, and in Europe the PS4 is outselling the XB1 by 7-2

so MS should be scared.

Jury1711d ago

Microsoft relies on over-saturation advertising and the stupidity of consumers

truefan11711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Lol XB1 could easily pull a cheap tactic like Sony if they really wanted to close the gap. With the ps3, Sony gave away the best selling game ever, outselling the 360 version by about 3 million because of it and boosting ps3 sales. All in all if MSFT truly cared about outselling Sony, they would have undercut the price initially to put a squeeze on Sony. They are more concerned with profit margins than sales. All in all we are not even 3 months in, we do not know what will happen over the next five years, there are just too many factors to consider.

come_bom1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


Dammmm, never seen that before. It's the first time I've heard a big company using promotions with other big companies... to promote their product. Nobody ever does that beside Microsoft. Yep, you really are quite smart. /s

GribbleGrunger1711d ago

@truefan1: Can I ask how MS could have undercut a price they weren't aware of? Sony revealed their price AFTER MS revealed theirs. You're right though, this generation has only just started. MS could well start outselling the PS4 in America at some point, the only problem is that Sony are outselling the X1 in Europe by a much larger margin than they outsold the 360 with the PS3. Europe has gone as far as MS are concerned and Japan is definitely NOT going to support the X1 in any meaningful way. America is Micsrosoft's only hope, but they'd have to outsell the PS4 4:1 in America to even stay in the race.

MysticStrummer1711d ago

"All in all if MSFT truly cared about outselling Sony, they would have undercut the price initially to put a squeeze on Sony. They are more concerned with profit margins than sales."

That explains why they sell lesser hardware at a more expensive price.

Now explain why you support that...

GribbleGrunger1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Yes, some X1 fans are pretty frightening to be honest. They brag about how much money MS make but accept paying for everything that other people get for free, and they think MS could cut the price, but they're willing to pay more for a weaker system anyway. These people need to sit themselves down and have a think.

u got owned1711d ago

MS need to drop the price. 500 for a weaker console is too much and is clear people don't care about its gimmicks. We need a $400 XBOX now, but knowing MS they will wait after major aaa games release . By then Sony's lead will be so big that it won't matter.

Bathyj1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

He can't explain it Mystic, and not just because he doesn't have another bubble.

Wow, you and Gribble nailed it. Xbone fan boys will brag about making more money from less sales never stopping to think that it's at their expense. They are paying more for less and they're happy about it.

It's kind of sad MS will pay100 bucks for a ps3 (presumably to leave them in a warehouse somewhere) but won't drop their price that amount. Apparently even having to many ps3s around threatens them too.

It's also interesting that only 10 percent of Xbone owners surveyed had owned a Ps3 while 28 percent of ps4 owners owned 360s. That's quite a swing. That tells me Ps4 owners are gamers and go for the consoles that's are for the gamers while Xbone owners are 360 owners just staying loyal to their brand. Xbone is not winning any new customers. Ps4 is. No one is a Ps3 fan saying Sony isn't doing it for me anymore, I'm jumping ship. Plenty are 360 fans saying just that about Microsoft.

tokugawa1711d ago

Even though I hate these little Sony circle jerk threads posted by maria, I have to agree with bathyj here.

Ms are losing customers and they know it. Just like Sony lost millions last gen. Although I don't think it is because. "Sony is for the gamers" bullshit.

It is the price difference that is hurting them...

Giul_Xainx1711d ago

Microsoft's problem is the goal they set forth in this generation of consoles. Rumors began taking form with investors of "if (MSFT) doesn't outsell the competition they may as well sell the brand."

DigitalRaptor1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

@ Gribble @ Mystic

You hit the nail right on its head there.

You bring up company actions - you know, factual things - and they just don't want to explain why they continue to support and defend detrimental industry practices, bad decisions, and PR lies custom-spun for them in particular and the ignorant masses.

If they can't muster a Sony Too™, it's either Sony's financials or "you're a fanboy". These deflections and corporate apologetics are pretty alarming, and have been for a while now.

Why o why1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

One company has a history of being cash rich and doing less, whilst the other has a history of being poor yet providing more.

One has fallen off towards the end of 2 gens whilst the other produces output until the end and beyond.

Two contrasting ethoi towards gaming. Price and power are obviously key factors but each companys way of doing things is fundamental for many.

Sayai jin1711d ago

@NewSmonday- very true, NA was the 360 stronghold. Let's look a little further back and the world was Sony's including NA during the PS era (rightfully deserved), but Sony lost it last gen along with the staggering market share they held...60-70% of the market during the PS2. They were no where near that last gen 30 to 38% of the market. MS and Nintendo Claimed victory as well because they double there market share last gen.

On topic, It's called advertising folks. It's done over many markets...the only thing that is different is that the console market only has 3 main consoles now...MS and Sony's consoles are more similar so they are in direct competition.

kickerz1711d ago

What a fail article. This guy seems to hate Titanfall. Also -
"Considering EA's terrible track record with "always online" games like Simcity, server problems could crush the game's reputation the moment it launches"

Can someone tell this guy that this game runs on Microsofts dedicated servers not EA"s

Megaton1710d ago

Yeah, Microsoft's desperation is palpable. They're throwing everything they've got at the public to move all of those units that have been collecting dust at retail since Xmas.

Death1710d ago

Lesser hardware for more money? Maybe the people that bought an Xbox One want the camera and extra functions it has. Maybe the people that bought an Xbox One bought it because they prefer games like Dead Rising and Forza over Knack and Killzone.

I apologize if you are offended by people that buy a console for the games and experience instead of the native resolution. At the end of the day some of you bought a PS4 for what it will do some day. Some of us bought an Xbox One for what it can do now and in the future.

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Axios21711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


MS and their $6,400,000,000 profit for just the last quarter is quacking in their boots at Sony's forcasted $1,100,000,000 fiscal year loss.

Let's see

PS4 490k per week into 53 countries
X1 378k per week into 13 countries @ $100 more

Oh ya, selling almost 380/week at $500 a shot into 13 countries, no one here would want to be associated with that, lol

GarrusVakarian1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago ) people that keep bringing up finances and profit when you have no other arguments are getting really boring.

MS were richer than Sony last gen too, right? a HUGE margin, right?....yet the PS3 still had the most and the best exclusives. Where were MS's billions then? Oh that's right....they were focusing on kinect and families.

Face it, MS had the lead for the majority of last gen sales-wise....but now they are desperate, they lost that lead to the PS3 at the end of last gen and now the PS4 is crushing the X1 and MS will do anything to try and gain some ground back. You don't have to be smart to see how desperate MS is right now to get that top spot back.

"Bu but but......LOTS OF MONEY!".

SmielmaN1711d ago

Your argument is sad.

With all that money why is rumored that ms will sell off its Xbox division and quit gaming? Here's a hint, the major shareholders see it as something that doesn't generate enough profit and cost too much for the tiny payoff. That's where your "they have so much money" argument actually backfires because they are so greedy and focused solely on money that they could care less about the gamer. Throwing money at problems doesn't mean it can fix said problems.

amiga-man1711d ago

Lukas he had me at quacking in their boots, I'm sure he meant quaking but maybe he thinks M$ is run by a load of ducks who knows with the decisions they have made this gen he could be right.

ABizzel11711d ago

It's always a sign of desperation when people bring up factors that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

MS $6.4 billion profit has nothing to do with XBO, just like Sony's $1.1 billion loss has nothing to do with PS. MS profits come from Windows 8 and MS Office being upgraded by corporations, with other boost for their sever business, and more. On the consumer side of things (Xbox, Windows phone, Surface, Windows 8) MS has taken a loss or barely made a profit.

Sony's loss comes from it's HDTV division and some of their electronics. The PS division is actually making a profit.

GribbleGrunger1711d ago

All that profit MS make and they still put all your features behind a paywall ... Think on that for a moment.

MysticStrummer1711d ago

You don't take into account PS4's supply shortage, or the fact that PS4 sold one million in 24 hours in the US and Canada, while XB1 sold one million in 24 hours in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the U.K., U.S., and New Zealand.

I wonder why you ignore these things?


bryam19821711d ago

lol xbots always put the argument that more cuz selling on 53 countrys while xbone only on 13 but they forget the fact that sony is outselling xbone on those same 13 countries too lol

NoLongerHereCBA1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Lukas_Japonicus, do you really think that MS even gives a shit that the PS3 sold a couple milion more than the Xbox 360 in the end?

All they care about is profit. Selling more is a fanboy ideal that is not that important to them if they make more profit and get their brand forward. Last gen MS made a major strive to catch up to the Playstation Brand in gaming.

It is a terrible thing for them that the start (or months leading to the start) were terrible. And yes that is hurting them now. But I honestly don't think MS is that desperate yet. Once they launch in more countries and it is 6-10 months later then they have a right to panic if the difference is still that big.

Didn't this 100$ offer also count for working xbox 360's? That instantly makes it less 'desperate' to me. The same is sometimes being done with phones or other devices.

Edit: Just to make this clear. I am not saying that they made more profit than Sony (I honestly have no idea). But that is the most important thing. I would prefer to sell 2 oranges at 5,50$ each than 10 oranges at 1$ each.

GrandTheftZamboni1711d ago


I guess you'd be less proud of MS if their profit was smaller because some money went towards exclusives and free games.

1711d ago
Bathyj1711d ago

Ha. Mention the number of countries again, that's always a strong argument.

The funny thing you guys dont seem to realise is MS is already selling in the only two countries they're any good in, and they aren't even winning there. They could release in 100 more countries and it won't boost their sales more than 5 percent. USA and UK is the biggest market right? You kept reminding us of that for 7years.

Difference is Sony has one more country that WILL make a difference. Japan. That sales lead Sony us will be over 2 million in a couple weeks. Publishers tend to notice things like that. Last gen Xbox had USA, Ps4 had Europe. Japan was the decider. This time Sony has it all. And it's not about profit early on. It's about getting that early lead and keeping it so you can hold the position of power for the next generation. I shouldn't have to explain that to an Xbox fan.

kingdom181710d ago

And of all those other countries, their impact in sales is insignificant compared to countries like the US, and the UK ect, ect, where Sony is winning over MS.

_FantasmA_1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

All that money and they still don't spend it on you, the gamer. They pocket the money instead of saying thanks and rewarding you with what you really want for your "console" and thats games. They give you the bare minimum of games, with recycled sequels and you love it because you don't know any better. Ignorance is bliss, and M$ keeps you guys starved like the good sheep that you are.

Seriously, since 2001, all Xbox has had is Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable. Halo has had like almost 10 games now and they barely change. Its Call of Duty with purple aliens and purple guns.

Meanwhile Sony since 2001 and before has created so many different franchises and they add new ones every generation. If Sony did what M$ does, we'd be at SOCOM 17 and Uncharted 9 by now.

Death1710d ago

Zipper went under after Mag tanked.

Sony releases more first and second party IP's, but that doesn't mean they appeal to all players. I bought my PS3 for the exclusives I can't get on my 360. The amount of them I buy on the Playstation is about the same as the 360.

Each companies over all health is very important to gaming. In 2009 we seen Microsoft and Sony close down studios and lay off workers. This has had a significant impact on both companies game development. You can't pretend Sony's ongoing financial problems will not have any impact on the Playstation.

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Magicite1711d ago

MS can keep their head banging, but war isnt going into their favor.

nosferatuzodd1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

lol isn't it evil to live backwards lol get it, evil live backwards 360 degrees backwards =xbox 1 rest my case

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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1711d ago

Microsoft has their back against the wall and they know it and now they are doing anything they can even if it makes them look very desperate. I didn't think they would stoop so low early in the fight but it just shows sony is doing all the right things this gen. Its going to be a long generation for xbone fan boys.

jgrigs091711d ago

um its actually all old gen consoles

4logpc1711d ago

Considering its not just on ps3's, id so no.

Sitdown1711d ago

I thought this to be a well thought out unbiased article. :-/