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This LEGO game is perhaps more LEGO-like than any that have come before -- and not just because its story is set within the LEGO universe and features countless minifigures and models that kids can actually buy and build themselves.

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Palitera1713d ago

Toy Story for last gen is great! I'd bet it is even better than Lego, which tends to oversimplify gameplay.

FullmetalRoyale1713d ago

Have you got a beef with Lego? Just when you think you've seen it all...

Palitera1713d ago

1. The point was addressing the statement that "finally a good movie tie-in" has arrived (which was made on another article, derp).

2. Not much of a beef. I really enjoy the writing and themes of the games, but, as said, its gameplay is usually too simple to me, without any challenge or depth.

Still I don't call them bad games at all.

SteamPowered1713d ago

Lego Marvel Super Heroes wasnt perfect, but it was a great game. Im anxious to see what improvements they have done with this one.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1713d ago

i was watching this game on stream last night looked cool

PeaSFor1713d ago

thats what i like about the Live From Playstation thing, that and the shameless attention whores flashing their tits.

Ddavis5131712d ago

@PeaSFor I like boobies. The best part of waking up is boobies in bra cups.

WeAreLegion1713d ago

I might get it. I love the LEGO games and I loved this movie, but I'm dying for another open world game like LEGO City: Undercover.

SqueezedWeazel1713d ago

Just watched movie and now watching my kids play the game... So far they love love love it... Go see movie. It is a very charming film.

NeloAnjelo1712d ago

Lego the Movie The Game.

Like... Street Fighter: The Game, The Movie