Review – The Lego Movie Videogame: Movie spin-offs don’t get much better | Financial post

You’re going to spend a lot of time running around contained levels brimming with interesting objects that you need to bash order to free their constituent pieces, all the while keeping an eye out for key items that will help you solve clever contextual puzzles that usually involve building something new.

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hulk_bash19871711d ago

Loved the movie so much, looks like I might just have to buy the game too.

thorstein1711d ago

Yeah. I just took the kids today. What a blast! Fun for adults as well as the kiddies. Everything is Awesome! Buy an overpriced cup of coffee. $34 please......AWESOME!

Anyway, I was wondering if the game was any good and it looks like that is so. Guess this is my next gaming purchase.

isa_scout1711d ago

I just bought this game for my son, and I think I'm playing it more than he his hehehe.
glad to hear the movie is so good as I'm going to take him tomorrow. If you like the Lego Marvel game you'll love this one as well.

MrDead1711d ago

I glad it didn't turn out to be a stinking pile of Mega Bloks

GamingAngelGabriel1711d ago

Mega Bloks are actually pretty good nowadays. The Halo line got WAY better over time.

parentsbasement1711d ago

I literally just got back from taking my boy to see that .....I wasn't expecting to really like it but damn, it was really good....I may have teared up a bit at one point...

WeAreLegion1711d ago

I don't get why everyone expected the movie to suck, especially with Phil and Chris directing.

thorstein1711d ago

I knew the movie was going to be good. I just was worried about the Game. I love Marvel Lego, I just wasn't sure this game would live up to that awesomeness. And the awesomeness of the movie... which is awesome. (you'll get it if you have seen the movie.)

WeAreLegion1711d ago

Yes, the movie is awesome. The game is awesome. You're awesome! Everything is awesome!