PlayStation 3 launched in Japan

Sony's PlayStation 3 made its highly anticipated debut in Japan to long lines on Saturday, marking the first launch of the video game console that's expected to become a global sellout.

Throngs of people lined up for hours around Bic Camera, an electronics retailer in downtown Tokyo, to get their hands on one of the consoles. The enthusiasm was so great, clerks with megaphones asked the crowd to stop pushing, warning that all sales would end if there were any injuries.

"Standing in line today is the only way to make sure I got one," said Takayuki Sato, 30, among the buyers who queued up at Bic Camera, snaking around the building in a complete circle.

But would-be buyers were turned away even before the store opened at 7 a.m. The retailer refused to say how many machines it had, but said it knew it would sell out based on the length of the line around the building.

Short supplies were reported elsewhere, too. Sanae Saito, a clerk at Yodobashi Camera Co. chain, said her store's stock had already sold out, although she declined to say how many machines were available.

"It's all sold out with the people in line now," she said. "So many people waited in line."

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TheXgamerLive4454d ago

Are you serious, all those consoles, all 400,000 or 500,000 world wide will sell out?? That's just crazy talk. I'm glad someone was on the ball to report that to us all.

Global sellout, WOW sounds impressive.

Sphinx4454d ago

...I wrote a book, printed 5 copies, and was sold out in no time :)

Sphinx4454d ago

I'm sold out! I warned of shortages :)

Actually, to be honest, I am working on a book. Keep an eye out for it next year some time. It's called 'Like Father'... I don't have a publisher yet, but I'm working on it!

TheXgamerLive4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Ummm there will be a shortage available after our launch, actually with so few consoles we should of called it a lunch but anyway's ummm, I think that one Japanese dude told some guy that we'll have like a bunch more by june '07, We have some problems with that rx thingee as it only has 256 and the cell isn't working good either so umm later dudes.

Oh and yeah Hey Sphinx, we here at sony are too interested in your book. We'd like to launch with 3 copies w/a promise of maybe 10 more by next summer.

Donkey Slayer4452d ago

In fact it took well into next year before the initial launch allocation was sold.

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RBlaze4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

As a Brit, im very disappointed at how we've been dropped right to the back of the line! Im not getting a PS3, but one of my flat mates might, and him, and all other Europeans have to sit around and hear about the PS3, without getting near one! Its another woe of Sonys imo, that all other NextGen consoles were realeased worldwide at (about) the same time. Sony will end up waiting til all the other places have their consoles, and all the back orders are filled, before we Europeans even get a look in!

Good luck with the Launch sony, and i hope all your gamers in America and Japan love your console and games, and have hours of fun on them. But i think you've killed your chances in Europe pushing us all to the back of the line, while keeping your 'Reseverved places' and 'i-o-us' infront of us on the other side of the planet

DEIx15x84454d ago

He is going to be waiting awhile because they have already added another country to launch before Europe and may add more.

ASTAROTH4454d ago

FANATIC BS!! They are always the first one posting.

whateva4454d ago

PS3 will win again just like PS1 and PS2 get over it the king is back lol

power of Green 4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

FANATIC BS!!: Sony troopers always the first one's crying if gamers arent into PS3. 360's attach rate will not allow for the PS3 to win; Dev's will be more focused on the 360. 360 has a bigger fanbase and more exclusives and always will.

frostbite064454d ago

Yah, just like nintendo always won.

power of Green 4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Sony will be luck to make 2nd place this generation. lol PS3 doesn't offer much in games, it doesn't offer as much in media & online. It's also still in "Neo-Geo" status to the masses. lol MS will rule on inovation, ideas and cash alone. Last night in my local EB and GC, famillies were asking about 360 games little kids yelling Viva(in both stores i might add)and all the adults could talk about is the HD-DVD add-on and the up comming Media capabilities of the 360, the employee at EB said folks are in dissbelief about XBL and it's been busy because of the 360 and MS isn't done delivering this year. So will PS3 rule again?, maybe! but from a realist point of view is that likely, not really.

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