Does the Latest Donkey Kong Suggest that Nintendo Is About to Ditch the Wii U's GamePad?

Nintendo is in a tough spot. Its Wii U console can be described as a monumental failure that is on track to make the GameCube's performance look great in comparison. While the company's 3DS was the best-selling hardware of 2013, sales of the device are coming in well below original guidance numbers as well. Nintendo is in the midst of losing it handheld breadbasket to mobile. Furthermore, the company's leadership has repeatedly demonstrated a tone deaf approach to the issues at hand.

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Metallox1716d ago

Written on February 8th... the author it's not very informed. Nintendo has now confirmed its intentions to make a better use of the Gamepad.

BlackWolf1716d ago

It's the Motley Fool. The name says it all. NO article has come out of that page that makes sense or gives something interesting to think about.

That aside, Chrono posted this. What can you expect? He always picks anything that sounds negative to Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1715d ago

Chrono and Fool.
Birds of a feather, right there. All too fitting.

Anyways, nah, the game pad isn't going away any time soon.
If anything, it's only going to be used better going forward, with the exception of DKTF.

MNGamer-N1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Motley Fool is one of the worst sites on the internet, constantly spewing hateful garbage about Nintendo, and Microsoft.

They always have at least 2 garbage hate articles about Nintendo each day in my Yahoo! news feed. I hate them and refuse to give them a click.

yugovega1715d ago

could be nintendo showing other developers they can make games without using the gamepad and it will be ok.

MasterCornholio1715d ago

Didn't Nintendo say they were going to focus on it more since its the main selling point of the system?

Because no one is going to buy a Wii U because of its graphics capability so might ad well focus on the controller which the competitors dont have.

I dont mean to be a prick but I won't get a Wii U until Nintendo comes out with a special edition. Hopefully the special edition is a gold Wii U with the Triforce engraved on it and bundled with Zelda Wii U.

BosSSyndrome1715d ago

If you get the Wind Waker bundle, you get a gamepad with a Zelda design on it.

Geobros1715d ago

I don't think so. Tropical Freeze is a speacial game as a 2D platform game which we could play with a classic controller I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.