iOS Injustice: New Challenge Stage Says, “SHAZAM!”

WASDuk's Chris Patton writes:
"Sources at NetherRealms have revealed that, unlike the past few Challenge Stages, an actual god, Shazam, will be joining the ever-expanding Injustice roster once the latest Challenge Stage that offers John Stewart expires. The original incarnation of Shazam went by the moniker Captain Marvel. However, in 2012 DC officially changed the name of Billy Batson’s alter-ego."

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CursedHero1803d ago

Can't wait for the new Red Sons!

CursedHero1802d ago

"Only a few characters remain unique to the console version, and have not yet made their debut on the iOS version of the popular Gods Among Us. Killer Frost, Ares, Zatanna and Shazam assemble that roster, though skins that became available later in the console version, such as Cyborg Superman, will most likely be available at some point. In addition, the immense fame of the DC/NetherRealms collaboration has led to countless debates on which characters would be added for either a sequel to the game or as a wonderful surprise to the current league. It was such a heated debate on the Facebook group Injustice iOS: Alliance Credits Hub that led to NetherRealm employees chiming in to break the Shazam news and, consequently, get everyone giddy."

jamesenc1800d ago

Shazam ? All I can say is, he BETTER not be like Black Adam. Then I would be disappointed. I also wonder why Poison Ivy is nothing but a cameo in the game. Not that I really favour her but I'm surprised that she isn't in the game at all.

CursedHero1798d ago

Yep! Poison Ivy or Black Canary would have been nice additions, my friend!

dcoble1797d ago

where are you getting your information? Do you know the actual release date for him? Super stoked!!!