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Despite its shortcomings, Outlast is a wonderful game for horror fans. It features a unique story, gripping gameplay, and a immersive atmosphere. If you’re a fan of horror games, you need to play Outlast, preferably in the middle of the night with surround sound. If you aren’t a fan of horror games, you can actually try Outlast for free in February with a Playstation Plus membership.

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jjb19811715d ago

With surround sound is the way to go, in the dark

kazuma9991715d ago

This game is too fcking scary for me lol.

jjb19811711d ago

It sucks knowing you don't have any weapons.. That's what makes it scary.

leogets1715d ago

In the dark with PlayStation official headset is awesome.I never am jumpy when watching horror films but this game makes me jump so much. Its awesome

Rhezin1715d ago

agreed. Really fun game. And I thought horror couldn't make me jump anymore. WRONG!