Naruto Storm Revolution Trailer 2 English Version

This is everything we’ve seen so far in images, and a little more since the Mecha Naruto Trailer.

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tayz1711d ago

world tourny for single player only :(

Yi-Long1711d ago

Imagine if they would include a 4-player 'Power Stone' mode ;) That could be amazing, especially considering the huge roster.

MuhammadJA1711d ago

Are there any spoilers of the anime in the trailer?

SaffronCurse1711d ago

Not that I know of. I don't think this game will focus on what's happening in the show or manga.

serratos271711d ago

Nope not at all. If you're referring to the (current) saanin taking down the masked man (?) that doesn't happen in either the anime or manga.