Serious Bug: PS4 Automatically Deleting Games From Library

"This hardly seems to be an isolated incident as several users have reported similar issues in the past. While the game's data files are deleted, it seems the save files are relatively safe. "

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

feel bad for whoever has that problem
i mean you can just download them again

psychmnts1713d ago

Yeah I can, but still frustrating when my connection isn't bad but isn't exactly the fastest, luckily the largest games I have are disc based but since this has happened I won't be downloading large games via psn anytime soon.

ZodTheRipper1713d ago

All my games are PSN downloads and I fortunately haven't experienced this yet.

ChronoJoe1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I've heard my friends have this before. But they found out what it was, if you go to close application by highlighting it on the main menu it's very easy to accidental click 'delete application', it's right next to 'close application'.

It doesn't ask you to confirm the deletion like most software. It just disappears as if you closed the app. Best bet is to get into the habit of closing apps by holding the ps button rather than through the main menu.

elmaton981712d ago

Well most of my games on ps4 are digital and nothing more and I dont have problems with my save games or my original games.

Prime1571712d ago

Anyone in tech support well tell us that many problems are user error. Whether it's not paying attention or not understanding how the software works, many are user error.

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ovnipc1713d ago

It happen to me two times both cod and killzone got deleted. And the campaign for both. It didnt allowed me to recover it from the cloud. I had to start again. Fix it soon plz.

Ninjamonkey821713d ago

@ovnipc No big loss with Ghosts ;). Tbh id trade that sob towards something else.

Shnooze1713d ago

Why does this comment get disagrees?

Kribwalker1713d ago

Because it is putting the ps4 into a negative light on

Dgander1713d ago

@Shnooze N4G is a Sony Pony stable. Everything Sony does is automatically right and Microsoft and Nintendo is wrong by default.

BLuTheSecond1712d ago


Well everything Nintendo does is actually wrong so at least that part is factual. lol

ThunderSpark1712d ago

@Kribwalker & Dgander:

If you don't like N4G then there's IGN, gamespot, kotaku, destructoid, and many more. Go over there and stop crying on every article about how much you don't like the site. Your secret agendas do not work here. Good night.

PS3Freak1712d ago


I still remember when this site was mostly Xbox fans back in 07 when the PS3 was really struggling.

They all disappeared when the PS3 started to turn things around.

Oh how times have changed.

AceBlazer131712d ago

That's bs cause even if a game gets deleted the saves are unaffected. If your telling the truth then your really bad lucky. What are the chances of a game, a local save and cloud save being lost. Maybe someone unplugged your ps4 while it was in standby.

Prime1571712d ago

Dgander, if n4g is, "a Sony Pony stable." Then why did you get more agrees than disagrees? Naturally, the stable would have flooded "disagree."

Fanboys on both sides are the worst, the majority are relatively neutral and just love their games. One week it's xbox fanboys complaining about Sony fanboys, then the next week it's Sony complaining about xbox.

Kribwalker1711d ago

All those idiots that were crapping all over the ps3 are now the ones crapping all over the Xbox one. You guys have just converted them onto the ps4 bandwagon and to that I say good riddance. I didn't like it when those idiots were on the xbox side either. I don't really care either way tho, I typically buy all systems every generation so I can play all the exclusives, it's just really annoying to see threads blow up with people saying stupid crap all the time when both companies are money hungry corporations that main concern is their bottom line and people get so defensive and idiotic posting the same things over and over.

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wsoutlaw871713d ago

Its probably corrupt data, not the ps4 just deleting it. Maybe it wasnt turned off correctly or there is a hdd issue.

troylazlow1713d ago

That sucks! Not having any issues with my XB1

Rockstar1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

not very stealthy trolling


That sucks! Not having any issues with my PS4

Edit: I did upgrade my HDD to a 1TB hybrid though.

insomnium21713d ago

Could you even be more offtopic?

MetaReapre1713d ago

Could you troll a lil bit harder next time? I'm not even the slightest bit moved by what you said. Glad your having no issues though.

Anyway, back on topic, I haven't experienced it yet but is it a growing issue? I wouldn't want it happening to me. Too many downloaded games. Lol

Cha0tik1713d ago

I find it very weird that all these people are having so many software issues and hardware issues but I haven't happened to have one problem.

Neonridr1713d ago

Because if it doesn't happen to you it can't be true? Wow, does the world revolve around you now too?

Cha0tik1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

LOL I love how people add on to what I'm saying just to get some agrees -_- Sorry, I mean't my group of friends but just for the sake of being an ass I'll say yes it revolves around me and the various other people that have never experienced this "issue". @neonridr

My point behind this is that it seems to be isolated because my 3 friends and I have yet to have one problem besides one of us receiving a DOA PS4 on launch day but that was easily fixed with a replacement.

Tetsujin1713d ago

So I'm not the only one who experienced this then; I had it occur with Resogun and Zen Pinball. Saves were there however the games vanished, and I know I didn't delete them. Good news is at least someone else is reporting this so it can at least be investigated.

Sayai jin1713d ago

Agreed. It unfortunate to those who experience this. A patch will should come out soon to remedy this issue.

truefan11713d ago

Yea this isn't good, something is definitely wrong on the software side of the ps4. It sucks Sony is making fans wait until the Japan launch for an update. Too many reported bugs for the ps4 since launch.

suicidalblues1712d ago

I've had a bunch of "bugs" too. My ps4 seems to play all my multi-plats in higher resolution and more fps than my xbone. I hope it's not a hardware issue.

OutcastMosquito1713d ago

I had a similar problem, when I first got my PS4 whenever I would change users it would delete my save data for games which was a total buzzkill... I haven't experienced that problem for a while now and hope someone can relate. BF4 deletes my campaign save EVERY time I connect online, anyone ever have that happen??

3-4-51713d ago

As long as the save file remains, this is just a small bump.

If the save file is gone, it's enough to kill off the love or want to continue playing a certain game and may lead to you never continuing on with that series again.

It happens.

Hopefully it's fixed.

Neonridr1713d ago

lol, like BF4's campaign progress getting reset? Happened to me twice. Fortunately the second time I played it I did it on Hard, got all the collectibles, and got all the trophies in one run. So while my campaign progress is gone, at least I have all the SP trophies achieved.

AnEwGuY1713d ago

Never heard of a data cap I see.

PudgeySan1713d ago

K, First off, The title of this article.. for one, Cancer is serious, Your games being deleted of your ps4 is a first world problem and should be chalked up with dropping your iPhone when your drunk or the water isn't hot enough cause your roommate takes amazingly long showers. Seriously gamers now a days bitch about ever little small detail to the point where they just bitch and don't actually play games. I can understand if it's a recent EA game, I mean they couldn't fix bugs to save there own lives but seriously, Any other issues is usually resolved in like a week or 2.. Do we really need an update ever time a bug is found !!! .. Yes !!! we do, cause that's what is fun, Bitching !!!

P>S - Total Rant.

Anon19741712d ago

So 4-5 people on Reddit reported this? Wow! Stop the presses! That's some great reporting there. They should really confirm on Twitter that there's a problem. Thanks, GamingBolt!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1712d ago

Looks like they should of delayed the PS4 too. None of these consoles were ready to come out in 2013.

Rimeskeem1712d ago

Yes but people cannot stand the minute wait.

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Tedakin1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Saves are safe tho? Then no biggie.

xYLeinen1713d ago

If you have PS+ they will be for sure..

Rimeskeem1712d ago

why would you not have PS+ on a ps4?

daboosa1713d ago

Trying to have a dig me thinks.
Come up with something better!

BlackCarrot1713d ago

Publishing a known and serious bug is having a dig? Do come up with something better mate.

psychmnts1713d ago

Not trying to have a dig at all, its been happening for the last 2 months and I was keen to solve it through Sony, however eventually it seemed like they were unsure so rather than wait for it to happen again another few weeks down the line I preferred to replace my console.

Eonjay1713d ago

Sounds about right. I would have done the same thing. Makes it sound like a potential HDD issue with affected units. I think if it was "serious" you would have heard a lot more complaints over the last 2 months. Still good to know. I like being aware lol.

Milruka1713d ago


It so bad it doesn't even want you to play it.

quaneylfc1713d ago

this will triple feb 15th :P

Master-H1712d ago

So how did SimCity and Diablo III treated ya, PC fella ;)

Milruka1712d ago

Don't know, I don't play bad games.