Mysterious Watch Dogs Vine Video Surfaces and Gets Deleted Shortly After

A vine that seems to be a "test" video surfaced today and shortly after got deleted from the vine account.

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darkstar181718d ago

anyone get to see this video?

UnrealThreats1718d ago

It is in the alternative sources.

minimur121717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Oh, that really is a test video.

I wouldn't really call this 'mysterious' I mean it's pretty obvious it's a test video. what else can a camera focusing in and out facing the table for 7 seconds in a loud area can be classed as?


This is good news. Yes, believe it or not because it means they're preparing to turn on the hype train again, and start doing stuff on (obviously) vine, most likely facebook and whatever other social media W_D is on. :D

MethCupcakes1717d ago

I seen it, it's nothing but a camera recording a table with some random inaudible chatter.

Grap1717d ago

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Half life 3 confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane43431717d ago

And a member of watchdogsforumNET OF course :)

UnrealThreats1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

:D #WatchDogsForum

Eonjay1717d ago

This actually looks like it could be a mistake.

Metallox1717d ago

What is this? It's nothing related to Watch Dogs.

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