What Makes You Buy Into the Next Gen?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Traditionally, I tend to buy into new games consoles within a few days of their respective release dates. There’s an element of risk to this, though, as a system’s future is always tainted with a sense of the unknown. But I do it anyway. I did it with the PS2, the Gamecube, Game Boy Advanced/SP, Vita, 360, Wii U, and now with the PS4, I’ve been an early adopter of all of them, because there’s an undeniable thrill in picking up a new system and jumping into a whole new videogame world, even if there are limited launch titles.''

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bobsmith1766d ago

64 player bf4
killzone shadowfall
driveclub infamous coming up

wonderfulmonkeyman1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

More gameplay potential for the player through new methods of control.

Graphics and FPS have a minimum they need to hit, obviously, before I'll buy into it now[at least 720p and no prolonged dips below 30fps], but anything beyond those numbers are, as far as I'm concerned, not a priority for me to invest in a system.
It could be the most powerful super-computer on earth with games larger than Skyrim that look as good as Avatar, but if they don't offer anything beyond that sort of stuff, it likely wouldn't convince me to buy the system.

For any price.

I've got to have good games.
Note that my use of the word "good" here doesn't mean "New" or "Fresh" or whatever other descriptive term people like to use.

An IP can be new and still be bad due to stale ideas within it despite the changes.

A good game will introduce some new stuff, but will "rehash" old concepts that are rock-solid, that work well due to previous experience in the genre, that fit the tone of the game and give players a sense of familiarity and comfort with the mechanics, and breath new life into these previously stale ideas instead of trying to let them stand on their own and crumble to uninteresting dust.

I don't need a whole new game with totally unfamiliar stuff in it in order to consider a game good. Rehashed stuff can be fun too so long as it's done RIGHT.

To that end, Indies have recently caught my attention much more than I would have previously thought possible.
To be honest, it might slowly be getting to the point where indie games will be some of the most looked-forward-to additions to my consoles, since some of the bigger third parties have been dropping the ball so much lately.....

But I digress; the only other things I can think of that affects whether I get a system or not, normally, are price, and the state of the online ecosystem.

I won't pay for online multiplayer no matter how many other perks are tossed into my face for it, and I'm not going to chuck down $300+ $400+, $500+, $600+, whatever price, just because the devs think the power of their systems justify it.
Power means little when development methods haven't done any huge leaps in gameplay design as of late.

That's my take on it, anyways.

Price drops are something I normally wait for unless I see games I absolutely must have.
Usually a minimum of 3 games, 5 depending on the price being asked for the system.

blastergun1766d ago

with a few games like pokemon, kart, etc .. every kid in the block will want to have wii u plus hardcore gamer will want to own wii u for first party game.. even though gamerx may own xone or ps4. this would mean nintendo may make a comeback.. and be the winner for this console generation..

nintendo just get the pokemon game out before the next christmas.

Milruka1766d ago

Nothing, as its about 7 years behind current PC.

LKHGFDSA1766d ago

if all that matters is tech specs..

bumnut1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Really? Im a die hard PC gamer but PS4/XBO are not 7 years behind.

Although they are further behind PC than 360 was on release.

Milruka1766d ago

30fps 1080...

Yea you are right, that's more like 10 years behind.

bumnut1766d ago

Fine use of your last bubble

Shad0wRunner1766d ago

Fine use of your last bubble. LOL.

Throwing 7 years of games away? IDK where you're getting that from.

The last 7 years I have spent on a PS3. I still have my PS3. It sits beside my PS4. I still have all my PS3 games. Nothing has been wasted. LOL.

If you are somehow pointing at backwards compatibility and the lack thereof...PlayStation Now has been offered to us as an acceptable solution to that problem.

PlayStation exclusives are not found on the PC. Never will be. So that's reason enough to not "waste my money" you so put it...on PC gaming.

You're out of bubbles. But hey...thanks for trolling. LOL. ^_-

Shad0wRunner1766d ago

PC elitists still comparing game consoles to PC standards, I see.

This article has nothing to do with the PC. Most console gamers arent going to spend thousands on a high end PC gaming rig. And yes, I said thousands. No PC elitist has yet to convince me that you can build or buy a high end PC gaming rig for less. Sorry, blow that smoke up someone elses ass. LOL.

Next gen consoles may not be sporting current PC tech, but for CONSOLE gen is doing just fine. I dont see DELL's, MAC's, Toshiba or Alienware PC's/Laptops flying off of store shelves like the PS4 or XBox One. I dont see stores with long lines of people camping outside waiting to get their hands on the new trendy PC. So stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it. LOL.

bumnut1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Your comment highlights how little you know, you don't need to spend thousands to build a good PC.

It may not be cheaper, but how much have you wasted throwing 7 years of games away? Lets not forget to add internet tax & £50 games.

Locknuts1766d ago

Nah, around 2-3 years behind. I reckon a decent rig from 2011-2012 (GTX 580 etc) would be a pretty good match for the PS4.

PS4isKing_821766d ago

Shut up and go back to world of Warcraft or whatever you PC nerds are playing these days.

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jimjam34421766d ago

i would never get an xbox one just because of the way theyve treated us loyal 360 people, but ps4 is also not very good. worst generation og consoles yet.

#1 n64

#2 ps2/ps1

#3 gamecube

#4 xbox 360

#5 ps4.

its like consoles are getting worse. (imo obviously)

Locknuts1766d ago

I liked the GC as it was an engineering masterpiece. So small yet so powerful. I sat it next to my friends Xbox and it was literally 1/4 the size while pushing visuals that were pretty close and consuming a fraction of the power. Not to mention it had some of my favourite games of all time.

I wish Nintendo still made consoles like the Cube but I guess catering to gamers like me isn't profitable for them.....

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