Flappy Bird IGN Review

According to IGN's Vince Ingenito, "Flappy Bird isn't a good video game. It's arguably not even a fun one. But its no-frills approach and exacting, relentlessly repetitious gameplay make it an addictive short-term distraction for the skill and score-obsessed."

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caseh1717d ago

Complete turd of a game that seems to be going viral for no other reason other than people saying 'have you played flappy bird?!'

Think I've heard it mentioned pretty much every day for the past week in some shape or form.

mushroomwig1717d ago

It's such an incredible fluke how viral this game has become, any other time this would just been buried along with the other thousands of terrible mobile games on the app store.

All I can say it, the developers are incredibly lucky.

Ripsta7th1716d ago

The developer, is a one man game

Chapter111717d ago

That's about 4 points higher than it should be

MidnytRain1717d ago

Why even review this game...

unkn0wn1717d ago

My thoughts exactly, its more crappy click bait material from IGN. They're just trying to jump on the viral bandwagon.

PoSTedUP1717d ago

id rather not play a game at all...

Holeran1717d ago

Game is terrible plain and simple.

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