Titanfall won’t require Origin on Xbox One, new Beta info coming next week

GamerHeadlines writes: "Respawn have been going crazy all over twitter offering scoop about the upcoming Titanfall beta. In order to offer the best gaming experience the dev team is working hard on bringing a working anti-cheat system in the game. Although, most that had access to the alpha had a thing or two to say about the game’s visual aesthetics, Titanfall producer mentioned that the Beta will be a completely new build. Respawn’s Vince Zampella also revealed that the game won’t require an Origin account on the Xbox One."

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Bigpappy1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

X1 Version seems To be the main focus.

BattleAxe1716d ago

The Origin version seems to be the main focus. EA is trying to go head to head with Steam. Xbox One only has 3 million consoles sold, so there isn't too much to focus on.

GamingGod3581716d ago

EA doesn't stand a chance against Steam ..

Kran1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Only 3 million?

And there's still high demand?

And Titanfall is surely gonna sell consoles anyway?

You act like that isnt a lot for a 3 month period...

JodyCones1716d ago

Not really. Microsoft is just marketing it.. kind of.

FlameHawk1716d ago

Oh really? Titanfall on Xbox One won't require Origin... now who would have ever guessed?

OpieWinston1716d ago

DICE required it on BF4... So it's fair to assume the same...Great to know that I just jump straight into Titanfall instead of making a random Bull shit account when i already had an Origin account. (It was so bugged it didn't let us use our Origin accounts so we had to make new dummy accounts).

drsfinest721716d ago

AC black flag needed uplay on xbox one

Tedakin1716d ago

If I hear one more word about "beta info coming shortly" I'm going to strangle a baby.

JohnnyBadfinger1716d ago

I will just drop a flag here for the authorities that be :)

MysticStrummer1716d ago

That's certainly good news.

urwifeminder1716d ago

wow well this may help sway me getting the XB1 version I hate origin, plus I get achievements may take that over visuals.

GamingGod3581716d ago

Titanfall is shaping to be awesome on the Xbone ..

jdktech20101716d ago

I'm taking achievements and no origin plus a smoother means of control (imo, never a fan of the ol' keyboard and mouse) as well as my surround sound and a much larger screen than my keyboard has.

PC will be a fine game but I would rather play with a controller as blasphemous as that does sound to some.

boshi1716d ago

i feel the same. however, i don't have an x1. so my only hope is that the pc version has controller support.

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