Sonic Boom’s Overhaul Is Necessary And Appreciated

Junkie Monkeys: A brand new look for a brand new approach. Over the past 8 years or so, Sega has been struggling to release a consistent amount of quality Sonic games.Now we are here in 2014, and we have the reveal of Sonic Boom. The question is, can Sonic Boom help Sonic explode back into Sonic fans hearts everywhere?

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Snookies121714d ago

Kind of hoping it'll be like the Adventure games... Man I want another Sonic Adventure game... :[

Rachel_Alucard1714d ago

The cherry on the cake was that god awful wubstep reveal trailer, placed on top of the huge amount of bandages they wear. They finally made Shadow the Edgehog a reality too.

linkenski1713d ago

I thought Skrillex's Bangarang was a great fit actually. It really gave the fresh feel that Sonic usually represents IMO.

SegaGamer1713d ago

This guy who wrote this clearly doesn't know that these new designs are not here to stay :P

linkenski1713d ago

Again, they ARE there to stay if the new franchise division is succesful, even if it doesn't replace Japanese Sonic.

Look at it this way:

Sonic Boom = US Sonic
Modern Sonic = Japanese Sonic

SegaGamer1713d ago

They have already confirmed it. Even if the game is successful they won't be sticking with these character designs. It's only to tie in with the tv series.

Sonic has had plenty of spin off games in the past, this is no different.

linkenski1713d ago

I'll have to disagree. They did say that to ensure fans that Modern Sonic wont be erased but I believe they added that the two franchise divisions would alternate releases from year to year, so if Boom is very succesful it would be stupid to completely drop it if they can have Japan Sonic games every second year and Boom every third year.

Locknuts1713d ago

Based on the pedigree of the devs, I'm sure I'll enjoy this game even if it's not Sonic as I know it.