A Masterfully Done Cosplay of Omega’s Pirate Queen, Aria T’Loak

AllThatsEpic: Mass Effect – though centered on a human by the name of Commander Shepard, is sprinkled with various alien races. In the universe that BioWare has beautifully created there are Turians, Drell, Elcor, Hanar, Quarians, Volus, and the Reapers – the human race’s biggest threat. There are many races peppered throughout the Citadel, and various planets Shepard and his/her crew venture to. In Mass Effect 2, players are taken to Omega, constructed of a hollowed-out metallic asteroid, which harbors criminals, terrorists, and those who possess more than a touch of a rebellious streak. It’s on Omega’s nightclub, Afterlife, that players first encounter Aria T’Loak, the self-proclaimed ruler of Omega.

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