The Golf Club to Feature 'Persistent Online Golf World'

"We here at Stealthy Box recently had the opportunity to chat it up with executive producer Pete Garcin from HB Studios about their upcoming title, The Golf Club. During this time, Garcin let us know that one of the development team's main goals going into the project was to create a "persistent online golf world" that would connect you, your friends, and competitors into one online world." David Wales, Stealthy Box

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amnalehu1711d ago

This game is sounding better and better everyday!

denero11711d ago

if it's like i think it is where even when you logon it's going without u thts awesome

3-4-51711d ago

Can't wait for this.

You can generate a random course in like 2-3 minutes.

Best Golf Game ever & it looks amazing.

3-4-51711d ago

I feel like this is a true "next gen" sports game, in that they are taking these ideas we as gamers have always wanted, and they are delivering them on a whole different level.

More Options, More Content, More Replay Value

Orange Juice1711d ago

Im so excited for this game. Ive been waiting for an actual golf game with a course creator since I played golf resort tycoon. Day one purchase guaranteed!

sprinterboy1711d ago

Looking fwd to creating my home courses and love some of the 18 hole par3 courses from around the world, this is basically the lbp of golf, gonna be some great courses created

Scots1711d ago

Game is looking great. Has the chance to be a hit.