The Daily Five: Disappointing Games Worse Than Super Bowl 48

"Much like that “Big Game,” the gaming industry has released its fair share of disappointing experiences over the years; some that were even more disappointing than Denver’s performance Sunday night. While some of these games aren’t necessarily horrible, they did not live up to their full potential." - Travis Tucker

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1710d ago

Batman: Arkham Origins wasn't a disappointment for me I was satisfied with what it was. It was decent to playthru.

badboy7761710d ago

Football Needs The Raiders!

Hicken1710d ago

Not as much as Oakland needs the Raiders.

Why such an awkward title? Why not simply "Games More Disappointing than Super Bowl 48?"

moujahed1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Enter The Matrix was extremely disappointing. Almost as disappointing as the several DBZ games they can't seem to get right.