Titanfall Beta to Be a "Whole New Build;" Ranks Wiped; Unspecified AntiCheat Feature Will Be in Game

Those that are worried about Titanfall's beta on Xbox One and PC being pretty much the same build as the alpha can breathe easy, as that won't be the case, while you'll be protected by cheaters by a yet unspecified anti-cheat system.

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Convas1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

So if the textures are higher resolution on Xbox One during the beta ...

... does Thuway/FamousMortimer/CBOAT get sacked?

Or will "things change" save the insiders from taking responsibility for their leaks yet again?

KionicWarlord2221807d ago

No they will say :

"Thats what cboat said i didn't say that"

TomShoe1807d ago

This drip-feeding of information is getting annoying. Just tell us how and when are we getting the beta!

Septic1807d ago

Cboat has been wrong before.

Thuway was chatting sh** about the X1 dash waant working until I leaked a vid showing it worked. Also cboat has been wrong on loads of things before like October ps4 launch etc etc.

These guys might have some connections but they ride the nerd hype a lot too.

Anyway, time will tell with this one.

Abriael1807d ago

Not sure they'll up the texture resolution just yet. A beta still has to be downloaded.

I *am* quite sure it'll be upped for release though. The beta textures simply aren't realistic for a release. I'm not sure how people believed that true.

Irishguy951807d ago

Maybe they will add the textures in just for the sake of the Alpha backlash and the leaks(coming from obvious Sony siders)

Riderz13371807d ago

I thought it was only CBOAT who said that? Do you have links to where Thu and Mort said the same?

jackanderson19851807d ago

i think it was more the both of them came out and said CBOAT wasn't lying... then the whole thing about CBOAT using EKIM as a leak from valve roared to life and the "news" kinda got swept under the rug

Kayant1806d ago

All three have confirmed it. Mort and Thu on twitter. Personally I think it's BS there's no way it will look like that on final release the difference from the comparison to pc is huge.

RadioActiveTwinky1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

They will get bashed and scolded. Kinda how Famous did, I forget what leak he mentioned and panned out to be untrue or unfulfilled.
Thuway has had a pretty solid track record though.

CBOAT went silent after the whole NTKRNL or whatever fiasco. I dont think we will hear from him for a while or if ever. Lots of Gafers were really calling him out on that thread when he made that "leak". Even a respawn employee called him out on it. It was pretty bad. He lost a lot of GAF points that day.

mhunterjr1807d ago

There will be an initial backlash, but they will be quickly forgiven. I trusted Respawn on this because they would see no benefit being dishonest about this. I remember all the disagrees I got for saying Respawn would see larger repercussions if they were lying about the texture res, than CBOAT would if he was wrong...

Tedakin1806d ago

Thuway comes across as a huge douche, so he'll spin it someway.

n4rc1806d ago

When "insiders" only focus on negative info, how much can you trust them when they clearly have an agenda?

Its all unreliable crap.. I've said it before, if I said the world was going to end tomorrow and it actually did.. I didn't know anything yet was still right..

You hear 20 rumors and some are bound to come true.. Unless your track record is 90+% then you aren't an insider

JasonKCK1806d ago

Michael Pachter has better accuracy than CBOAT, that says a lot.

soljah1806d ago

lets just wait and see what this supposed new build is like.
everytime a developer makes a comment like this i think of
'meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

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corvusmd1807d ago

Good to see that this game is innovative on so many levels. For a game that a lot of people WANT to call "just COD with Mechs" are sure missing all the areas where this game is providing new innovative ways to keep the game fast-moving (anti-camp) and anti-cheat. On top of all this, the game looks and runs amazingly. It's definitely one of the things that this gen of consoles needs.

LaChance1807d ago

I can't remember the last time a game had so much hype. Halo 3 maybe ?

JasonKCK1806d ago

Duke Nukem and Aliens CM surfed the hype wave pretty high. I get the feeling Titanfall will be 1000 times better.

AutoCad1807d ago

yall do know that cboat is actually a bunch of gaf mods right?

RadioActiveTwinky1807d ago

It may be a bunch of them or not, we really dont know. We do know one thing, It's just one name.

Kayant1806d ago

Seriously stop reading misterx's blog.

Like RadioActiveTwinky said it's more accurate to say that CBOAT is an account medium used by some industry people for leaks in wake of the EKIM incident and if you look at what he's leaked in the past.

Tedakin1806d ago

I hope they make it look like the final game, just to hopefully dispel the stuff about the textures. They'd be smart to do that, even if it takes longer to download.