Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: Do Price and Length Really Matter?

Hardcore Gamer: With the recent reveal that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes can be completed in under two hours, a major debate has been sparked in the gaming community about whether or not the price and length of a game is relevant to its quality. There are strong feelings on both sides of the debate, an both sides have solid points. This is a debate with no right or wrong position, but both sides would be better served by looking at it from another point of view. Ground Zeroes is in a slightly more unique situation than most games that get brought up in the dollar vs. playtime debate because it’s a bite sized prelude to a large and expansive game.

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ChaosKnight1716d ago

Of course not. I pay $60 for games and never play them for more than two hours, so this is a great deal for me.

Ratty1716d ago

Except you can get this one for 20$. Not 60$.

PoSTedUP1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

this is like a prologue (or something like that). MGSV is going to be the real deal. its 20 bucks for 2 hours of a Kojima experience; if ppl are complaining, chances are they arent even worthy of being in this franchises presence.

porkChop1716d ago

Only for the digital copy of the last gen version. Digital next gen and physical last gen are both $30, and physical next gen is $40.

rdgneoz31716d ago

Except if you want the best looking version of the game, it's gonna be another $10 to $20. $30 if you want a digital version, and $40 if you want to be able to bring it over a friends. And a lot of people like a physical copy of their game which is why everyone is complaining about the $40 price tag. Hell, a lot of indie games that have come out lately offer the same quality / game length, but are $10 to $15 at max.

It's when mindless sheep tell publishers/devs that it's OK to extort them by cutting content to sell as DLC later on / day 1 DLC, or over charging for content that is short as hell, that everyone else thinks its OK and follows their example.

Ratty1716d ago

There are sheep on both sides.

PoSTedUP1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

oh ok... GT5Prologue was $40 digital and $40 physical and that wasnt 1/87th of what was in GT5, also sold like 4+M, or even 5M? i forget. point being, the fans of MGS will buy it and also if the game CAN be beaten in under 2 hours does not mean it is a 2 hour on average game. GTA SA CAN and WAS beaten in 4 hours. MGS4 CAN and WAS beaten in 3-5 hours... see where im going with this? this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, itll be a 4-5 hour on average experience for the majority of us i bet.

jetlian1716d ago

Posted thing is nobody beat those games that fast 1st time around. 2nd they were full games not a chapter which will leave you on a cliffhanger.

3rd gt5p had online components. If this had mp with 5 maps people wouldn't care so much.

PoSTedUP1716d ago

maybe not thoes games (but dont really know) but many games can be ran through in a short time on a first play through.

and them being full games... exactly, this isnt meant to be a full game... this is a prologue to hold you over until mgs5. and 2 hours is just a rumor atm.

GT5p was just a meaty demo, fans would have bought it if it didnt have online. there was some back lash because of the price, but fans of the franchise bought it bc they didnt want to wait for gt5. thats what this is for, the fans who dont want to wait. kojima said its not gonna be an over priced demo. and even if it was: dont buy it and, umm, ...Wait. lol

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1nsomniac1716d ago

"Of course not. I pay $60 for games and never play them for more than two hours, so this is a great deal for me. /s"

..I fixed it for you.

v6volume1716d ago

No! If the price and length is an issue then buy the digital version or don't buy it all. Stop complaining

Batzi1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Nope. I buy games because of quality.

Quality = solid story + solid gameplay + high replayability.

Quality is something synonymous with the Metal Gear series and I have confidence after over a decade of experiencing this fantastic series that Kojima-san will once again deliver whether it was a 5 mins experience or a 100 hours experience, history repeats itself, we're looking at another masterpiece in the Metal Gear franchise.

V has come to!

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Irishguy951716d ago

Yeah, when the Phantom pain comes out. Skip ground zeroes. Unless you like getting buttraped.

MetaReapre1716d ago

I must be missing something, why is kojima such a bad guy? What has/is he doing wrong?

SoulMikeY1716d ago

People are forgetting that this is $20. If more is spent on it, it's by choice. You have a ps3 or a 360 (unless you were dumb enough to trade it in...), you might be choosing to spend extra for physical copies or the new gen, but that's STILL and always will be your choice.

And 2 hours for just the story is just fine. Supposedly "huge" games like skyrim are like 3 hours just for the story. This game will probably be somewhere around 10 hours to do most of it, and that EASILY justifies $20.

Ratty1716d ago

I keep telling that to people too but there's so much misinformation that the majority of people think it's 40$ across all platforms and some even think it's 60$.

Batzi1716d ago

Totally agree. No one is forcing anyone to get the 40$ edition. You want better graphics/framerate? Get the PS4 version which is 30$, you want a physical? The option is there but then you have to pay an extra 10$ but the game is still the exact same thing with the same quality. They are giving you choices, and you are choosing the most expensive deal and you're complaining about it. You asked for a physical copy and KONAMI answered. Get off their backs now because this is getting ridiculous. People whining over something they asked for.

McScroggz1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I have a PS3 and a PS4, I certainly don't want to play the inferior version of a game if I have the option. As for physical versus digital, there are people with data restrictions or that just prefer owning a physical copy for various, understandable reasons.

But that's not the REAL issue. I was more than happy to pay $15 for Journey and that game doesn't even have replayability. The real issue here is that Konami is selling what appears to be a glorified demo for up to $40. That is a practice that could very quickly get abused.

If this feels like a prologue, then I'm ok with its existence even if it's overpriced (and I LOVE the Metal Gear Solid series). But if it is just a single mission without a boss with a cutscene at the beginning and ending and a few throw away missions then that's a practice I don't think should be supported.

It may be a fine line, but it feels like this "game" is going to fall on the wrong side for me.

EDIT: And comparing this to Skyrim is just utterly ridiculous. You do realize that right?

porkChop1716d ago

You shouldn't have to buy an inferior version of the game you want just to get a decent value.

If they're doing this with GZ, then what are they going to charge when MGS5 comes out on next gen? Are they going to raise the price again?

If the PS3 version is $60, will the digital PS4 version be $70? Will the physical PS4 version be $80?

This is an obvious cash grab and sheep like you are actually defending it. It's just pathetic and sad.

Tdmd1716d ago

More importantly, this is a dangerous precedent to an industry that just love to grab every excuse it can to nickel'n'dime it's customers. What if this gets to be a huge hit? Suddenly, it is ok to sell overpriced demos. People will complain, but they will buy it anyway. That's what worries me the most. As if to sell in disc (cutted) content as dlc or to release broken products with 5h of main campaing isn't bad enough, now will might have a nice new trend on our hands.

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CrossingEden1716d ago

I happen to enjoy large amounts of content for $60, that's why I enjoyed the AC4+GTAV+Link Between Worlds way more this year than the cinematic games that have no side content.

Ratty1716d ago

Is this supposed to be aimed against GZ? You realize it's 20$ and has more side content than main story, right?

rdgneoz31716d ago

They've mentioned 5 ops missions and 1 platform specific mission. Unless they having another 20 missions added, 6 missions before more content than the main story would be sad... And $20 is a digital copy of last gen. If you bought a next gen console, you'd be spending $30 to $40 for 2 hour demo. And do you realize for that you could get 2 or 3 PSN or XBLA games?

Ratty1716d ago

If the price is an issue, just get it for last gen like you said... or don't get it. But anyways, yeah there's more side content from what I read.

SoSolidrejaul1716d ago

I swear how did this article even get put up on here, next thing im gonna read is, does gameplay even matter, typical shit

KwietStorm1716d ago

Seriously though. I'm floored seeing how many sites are asking these silly questions and defending the whole deal. Do price and length really matter? What the actual phoque?

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