The PS4′s Big Three In 2014: The Second Order Club

iGR: "2014 is a huge year for PlayStation. Shuhei Yoshida has his hands full with several confirmed 2014 Worldwide Studios releases. The big three confirmed first party titles are from Evolution Studios, Sucker Punch Productions and Ready at Dawn Studios. Each game offers a distinctly different experience. When you consider the fact that there’s only three first party exclusive games confirmed for PS4 in 2014; the integrity of SCE Worldwide Studios being able to deliver the goods, could be on the line."

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skydragoonity1712d ago

All 3 games are worth the wait & worth the experience

EBTpickle1712d ago

Hopefully they will be. From what I actually played of Driveclub, it wasn't hugely impressive, but that was in August. It's reportedly much better looking and coming along nicely since then.

1712d ago
Nero13141712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Lol that would be a weird name for a game

mafiahajeri1712d ago

Smart use of 3 games names, would eb a god PsN name lol

EBTpickle1712d ago

It was a play on The Breakfast Club. Glad SOMEONE liked it!

Game0N1712d ago

horrific title and even worse article. Where are the real writers at?

Longshot281712d ago

They are all reading your article..........oh wait.

Hicken1712d ago


Really, though. I kinda like The Second Order Club.

brew1712d ago

PS4 is looking tasty in 2014 : Order Second Club

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