The Order: 1886 16:9 vs 2:40:1 Aspect Ratio: Which One is Better?

GearNuke: "The Order: 1886 is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it is facing a bit of controversy due to its choice of aspect ratio. The real question is, will a normal aspect ratio work for a game like The Order: 1886, which is going for a cinematic aspect ratio and FOV because it is an artistic choice from the developer, and not something that they are forcing in order to gain better performance or visuals."

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jacksjus1718d ago

Well written article. Can't argue something that we haven't seen. All I know is from what we have seen and heard this game is shaping up to be a classic in the making. It's uniqueness will standout and push it over the top.

Omar911718d ago

For RAD sake it better be a instant classic. Everyone is hyping this game up to be something that might not even be on that level. It looks and sounds great on paper (and some images) lets wait and see how it plays out before calling it anything short of amazing.

also this isnt directed towards you jack just my opinion in general about the hype

alexkoepp1718d ago

Black bars would be stupid, fill the screen clowns

Irishguy951718d ago

Even if it isn't any good Ps Fanboys will defend it like it is a classic.

Bathyj1718d ago

Ignore Alex RAD, he has no intention of buying it anyway, therefore his opinion is irrelevant.

Also ignore Irish, he doesn't like it when we like stuff.

IcemanK21718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

What did you watch when your TV was 4:3? 16:9 was the image that created those bars on that 4:3 and now 16:9 is standard.

I am just curious if people truely understand that if they go to 16:9 from 2.40:1, you do lose the black bars but you also lose the left and right sides of the image, so in other words less to see/interact with.

So you see the point is that those back bars you are hating on are always ahead of thier time and give a more realistic/life-like view to the watcher.

alexkoepp1718d ago

No, you don't have to chop the sides off to make 16x9, you draw the extra pixels on the top and bottom. But that would increase the load on the system and I'm not sure the PS4 could handle drawing those extra pixels

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Angels37851718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

We have articles like these because usually fanboys dont care about the specifics of the competitions argument......they just like the lowest common denominator to make their immensely flawed argument look good in the right light on the right day of the right month at the right time that is also subject to change its logic and reason at any time.....

800p is ACTUALLY 1280x800 this is NOT the orders resolution
Do the math:
1600x900 (900p) is 1,440,000 pixels rendered at 30fps (resolution of RYSE)
1280x800 (800p) is 1,024,000 pixels rendered (NOT the resolution of the order)
1920x800 (known as CINEMATIC 1080p because it IS 1080p quality its just in a blu-ray film aspect ratio (which I kinda dont like)

Anyways that is 1,536,000 pixels for the order 1886

For those with weak logical and mathematical skills that's MORE pixels.....

For proof that the order is NOT 800P there is an interview directly from the horses mouth stating that the game can run at standard 1080p ratio and in CINEMATIC ration, but its more of a design choice for a film like feel.

No fanboys, just facts.

Just because it doesn't match your view doesn't make it fanboyism.

Eonjay1718d ago

I mean I don't really think its matters too much. Its going to look good (Everybody knows that). Its just a issue of whether people will like the cinematic presentation. No frame drops so thats good as well. 4xAA - I don't think thats ever been used on a console game of graphical significance EVER.


Whoever said it's 800p? It doesn't even have a Progressive Named resolution... CUSTOM lol but yeah, I stated "A little better than 900p" yesterday, and I got jumped by fanboys like I was dissing it or something lol

EXVirtual1718d ago

Good explanation. Yet, some people will still deny it. The word fanboy is thrown around too much.
I hope they go with 1920x800 and put in the 4xAA. It'll look so much better with the AA.

angelsx1718d ago

Beyond two souls is 720p right?I never seen game 1080p to look like that.So it's not only pixels.If you know what i mean.

hiphopisdead1718d ago


A little better than 900p is still wrong... The picture on your TV will be 1080p. I.e a game like Ryse at 900p gets its pixels upscaled/stretched to fill your 1080p TV. The order will not. Each pixel rendered in game will map to its own pixel on your 1080p TV. But... Like 1080p bluray movies... There will be black bars on the top and bottom because of the wide aspect ratio.

What you mean to say is The Order renders a little more pixels than a 900p game... But because of the aspect ratio... The difference is even a little more.

OsirisBlack1718d ago


Yea I cannot think of another console game with 4xAA either. Matter of fact I cannot think of another game Console or PC that renders everything in the game with soft body physics. There is a lot of tech in this game.

Bathyj1718d ago

For those with weak logical and mathematical skills that's MORE pixels....


Anyway why is everyone fixed on the resolution and not the 4xAA?
Or the material deformation, or blasting you own path through a level, or the setting and characters.

All those things look great to me.

jetlian1717d ago

1920x1080 is 1080! 1920x800 is some new ish.the difference 500k pixels.

Rad was saying they can do 1080 or 800p with 4xaa and they havent chosen yet.

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aceitman1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

i give them props for trying to make something different about a game , it is always welcome as long as it doesnt hurt the games gameplay performance or graphics .i like wide screen movies it gives it a different feel .

GribbleGrunger1718d ago

What an odd question. Mona Lisa: oils or watercolour? Which is best?

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Eonjay1718d ago

Kinda reminds me of Batman movies where the city shots are filmed in 16:9 and the rest of the movie is in super wide. Both shots look good. The 2.4:1 give a much larger horizontal field of view though. So it really does depend on the art style they want. Also, it does give them an opportunity to uses 4xAA. So it will look better than 1080p without AA.

creatchee1718d ago

The 16:9 shots were actually added footage from the IMAX release. The theatrical cut did not include them in traditional movie theaters, but the home releases did.

Really cool stuff either way.

BattleTorn1718d ago

I can still remember the parts. For instance in Dark Knight when the school bus busts out of the bank, to escape. It switches from letterbox to full.

SteamPowered1718d ago

If the little black bars at the top and bottom bother you, well, it may be time for a bigger tv or a projector. ;)

1718d ago
Nyromith1718d ago

They're not little. I think about 30% of the screen is covered in permanent blackness. It looks hideous.

BattleTorn1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I have a very large TV, which is precisely why I don't want black bars covering a large portion of it!

SteamPowered1718d ago

Same here. 106" with my Epson projector. Thats why it wont kill me if there are a little black bars. I dont mind the "cinescope" view. It pushes everything farther back and you get a better view from all sides. But feel free to boycott the game if the image injures you so.


No... I have a 55 LED and they still bother me :( until I hit the Full screen option! :D

Section81718d ago

I have a 60 and a 55 TV and the little black bars still annoy me. That's one of the main reasons I got bigger tv's to begin with. Also, the writing in games was getting smaller and smaller.

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sprinterboy1718d ago

I prefer the black lines personally but 2 of my friends hate it with movies, they even play games with zoom option on the tv? God only knows why lol

Section81718d ago

I'd rather see a whole picture thank you.

CERN1718d ago

Zooming in to get rid of the black bars in movies is the biggest sin you can commit in films. You end up cutting 30-40% of the movie and not watching the movie how the artist has created it be. In cinematography, if you want to get a wide angle veiw, you need to eather have the black boarders or buy a super wide tv. Also human eyes sees the world in wide angle not like a square box. Photographers use wide angle lens all the time when there taking pictures of landscape, large audience etc. it's to fit all the subject in one space. If you took a picture of a stadium at 16:9 you'd only get half the stadium in your shot. You could go back further but then you can't see any details on the people. It will be like looking at ants. So the solution is to shoot the picture in wide 2:40:1. Now you have all the stadium in your shot and can still see the subject. There are some tv manufacturers who are staring to make tv's super wide at 2:40.1 so there won't be any black boarders.

Pintheshadows1718d ago

I love the idea of a film style presentation game. It seem the FOV will be great as well. I hope they stick to exactly what their vision is as so far it is hitting all the right notes. There is a lot of hype around it. I think it will hold up.

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