Smell The Fear - Takedown: Red Sabre Dumped On Steam At 90% Discount

GG3 picks up some game deals with a bittersweet taste. Takedown: Red Sabre has a 90% discount on Steam and that for over a week, as the PC game is dumped on players. It's only been out five months.

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Afistnu1810d ago

H:Hour is definitely where it's at.

markoghc1810d ago

Don't forget Ground Branch, it looks promising.

pompombrum1810d ago

Is that game still in production though? It was announced absolutely ages ago.

morganfell1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

GB is still in production and is running Unreal 4.

markoghc1810d ago

I believe they even recently switched to Unreal Engine 4, the production should be in full swing.

BattleAxe1810d ago

I would need to see some actual gameplay from ground branch in order to give it any attention. At this point all it is, is a concept where they've shown a few game mechanics and some visuals of a map.

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DanielGearSolid1810d ago

I almost pledged to this crap on kickstarter too

When they had a simultaneous multiplatform console stretch goal... Then out of nowhere it was pc and 360 only...

They saved me some cash

TedCruzsTaint1810d ago

Launching the game then locks my computer at a lower resolution and, even when I fix it, returns it to said resolution after a few minutes.
Even games play at the lower resolution and won't accept when I try to switch them back.
It tends to lock-up my PC after launching the game.
The thing was so badly made it literally breaks your PC until you restart.
I received a free code for it, so I figured I would give it a try. After fifteen minutes of play time, the thing is uninstalled and it will remain so. The game itself sucked, though that is a known at this point.

Grave1810d ago

Consumer Warning:

** DO NOT BUY! **

kB01810d ago

Insurgency is much better, do not buy this! I bought 4 copies for 4.50$ and then got 8 copies LMAO...

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