Sonic Boom Trailer Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

GameXplain: "We analyze the debut trailer of the Sonic Boom video game and TV show to uncover all the secrets it all might be hiding. We take a look at each of the characters, their designs, and how they might play. What new elements does Sonic Boom bring to the franchise and what's staying the same? All this and more in our trailer analysis for Sonic Boom for the Wii U! "

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Eternalb1811d ago

So many things I missed!

thezeldadoth1811d ago

this game seriously is looking phenomenal. i'm very excited and likely it will be a day one purchase

wingman32x1811d ago

I love the videos these guys make. They're really good at catching stuff.

Ck1x1811d ago

Just glad that they cleared up the whole its not running on CE3! People will look for any reasons to discredit a game for some reason... I for one have hope that maybe this will be the change that the Sonic games have needed all of this time.

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