Video Game Franchises that Should be Revived for the New Generation

GameDynamo - "It has been a blazing hot start for both Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Both companies have released their end of the year sales figures from their respective systems. However, there are some of us at GameDynamo that believe that you should wait to purchase a next-gen console. A big reason for this is that while there are interesting exclusives on the horizon, there still aren't that many games. If you look back on your history of playing video games there are many franchises that have really stood the test of time. There are also some franchises that didn't make it as far as some gamers hoped. Perhaps, though, there is hope in this new generation of systems to bring back to life some of the gaming community's favorite franchises."

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king_george1711d ago

Syphon filter
Twisted Metal (ps3 version couldve been done better imo)

Lord_Sloth1711d ago

Legacy of Kain needs it's finish after Defiance. An open world LoK with modern Tech would be amazing!

Dark111711d ago

Bloody Roar
Parasite eve(not that crap called 3rd Brithday)

Bathyj1711d ago


Yes Im still chewing that bone.

Fear Effect
Colony Wars
Crimson Skies
Futurecop LAPD

Kurisu1711d ago

Rollcage! I remember playing that on a PS1 demo disc but I never had the full game. I'd be all for it to come back :D

cyber_daemonx1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Rollcage and Futurecop. A man after my own heart. I've still got the original PS1 games. Futurecop multiplayer rocked and Rollcage was mental, better than Wipeout imo.

Agent20091711d ago

Dog's Life was one hell of a lovely game and I would happily see a sequel for the current-gen. One could dream...

Last Syphon Filter game I've played was the second one on PSX, it was pretty great for its time. I'm almost certain that Sony Bend could make a hit with a new one.

Onimusha was something I definitely had a good time with, but since Capcom became assholes who only care about the Call of Duty market... it should get a new developer and publisher.

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The story is too old to be commented.