Sony Quietly Winning Console War with Free Games on PS4

MiddleEasy's Dave Walsh looks at how both the PS4 and Xbox One have been doing with incentives since launch and how Sony might have the better idea with launching new games for free via PlayStation Plus.

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lifeisgamesok1718d ago

Quality will still decide this gen no matter if it's f2p or $60

dvewlsh1718d ago

Honestly, it's pretty cool that the best PS4 launch title (Resogun) was free on day one and that they keep giving away new releases like they are doing.

TomShoe1718d ago

Heck, you could buy a PS4 and Plus and never buy another game again.

Eonjay1718d ago

More games is always a good thing. With PS+ you get at least 1 new game a month. Add to that the FTP games and you always have something to play. Also like the variety of games they offer.

Don't Starve

All completely different games. Add in the FTP games and you already have a ton of games to compliment you Retail purchases. And if you have a PS3 like me, you probably have more games than you really know what to do with.

1718d ago
itBourne1718d ago

Really? I do not think the mass market thinks twice about quality games, nor how many quality games are on the console they buy.

It is a snowball effect, especially now days with online. Once a couple friends have something, everyone else joins them. Everyone I know has a ps3 because of that, even the ones that just play CoD. Maybe you get some people that buy a console for a specific game, once again quality not accounted for.

1nsomniac1718d ago

I really hope you don't actually believe that?

GribbleGrunger1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I can see you've got a few disagrees but you are actually right. What people on the internet fail to understand is that a large majority of people only buy a console/handheld because a friend or a friend of a friend has one.

They're not technically minded, don't think much broader than COD, Madden or Fifa and don't check the internet for details on up and coming games. To these people, playing games is just a way of killing time in between having a healthy social life.

It's a snowball effect, just like you say and at the moment it's got Sony's name written on it, particularly in Europe. The only thing I would add is there are many vocal people on the internet who then spread the information to those who ordinarily wouldn't know, and 'educate' the casuals.

BUT, for those 'in the know', quality DOES have an effect. Which is why I can't entirely agree with you. We ARE the early adopters after all and therefore we are also the influence you mention.

AceBlazer131718d ago

Guess my friends are different cause if i own something the idea of buying it immediately exits their head they just borrow from me.

Then there are games they think i'm weird for playing.Stuff like Disgea, it's hard to explain to a guy that only plays CoD how worthy a purchase that series is.

itBourne1718d ago

Wow, lol, was not expecting that. Do I need to really go find all the links to 360 vs ps3 exclusive titles and their meta critic scores? It was a joke, yet how many units did the 360 move? SHOULD I really bring up the wii and its sales? Okay, I think my point is proven.

Yah there are always exceptions, like I said, every person I know that interacts with me on a regular basis owns a ps3 and has since launch, so we do influence the rest like you said.

Once again, there are exceptions and you are not a part of the mass market. Like I said almost everyone I know owns a ps3, some of them only get CoD every year still. Doesnt mean they get everything I Have. Which proves my point again, they do not care about quality games. They play the more mass market games that friends are playing. Most my friends play games on a very regular basis, yet still only play the big name games, most of which are 3rd party.

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Docknoss1718d ago

Actually the only reason Sony is giving out free games is because of its weak launch titles. Nay say all you want but it's the truth.

GribbleGrunger1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

It's nothing to do with PS+ that's also on the PS3 and the Vita? Well you learn something every day. I can't disagree with you because you tell me it's the truth ...

MisterX ->

LordMaim1718d ago

Sorry pal. PS+ has been giving away quality games for years on the PS3, Vita, and now also the PS4. Its pretty awesome. Especially in addition to a strong launch lineup with exclusives and third party games.

Nay say all you want, but *that* is the truth.

JoseV761718d ago

Amen to that, ps4 no games yet, but hopefully soon!

Xyconaut1718d ago

people wait over half a decade for a new console and you're bitching about waiting a few months for quality games, launch titles matter for a short window of time - when games start being churned out you're never going to reference launch titles again - milk that tired excuse while you can idiot

Ra30301718d ago

Wow dube you know been outed as nothing more than a butthurt Xbot....question...your that hurt because the PS plus members get something of quality, and value while as a Xbot and a XBL member they insult you month after month?

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DEEBO1718d ago

Sony is giving gamers different choices and more options then MS.i have both the X1&PS4 and there are more games on the ps4 and they free and fun.

MS are too cheap with the x1 and their gold program is crap on the x1 too.
people like to diss indie games&F2P but games like warframe,contrast,DCUO,resogun
,outlast,blacklight and don't starve are filling in those gaps while i wait for new games.

Nero13141718d ago

Liar liar pants on fire lol your fanboy trying to disguise yourself .

DonDon1718d ago

You sound like a child. Maybe you are (?)

DEEBO1718d ago

Yeah i am fan of sony but i am also gamer that owns multiple console's and knows a good deal when i see one.

I mean some people must have been drop on their heads as a child or commonsense is something they are missing.
playstation+ is way better then live and it's crazy because MS has the most money they still finds ways to F themselves all the time.

MetaReapre1718d ago

Thee is truth in what he speaks. I'm an avid indie game and f2p fan as I've found a lot of AAA games of the last gen kinda went down hill... the only good ones were the exclusives and too many third party AAA devs were too focused on getting call of duty sales... But the ps4 has been offering many really good free indie games and my favorite f2p games dcuo and warframe. And now I get trophies to add to the experience with warframe! I'm having lots of fun with it. And what do so many people have against indie games? You know, the 360 had lots of indie games on the xbla that many Xbox fans always liked. Now this gen its like since ps4 has the indie games instead and some of the best indies too that they have been completely disregarded. Yea the ps4 doesn't have many AAA games at the moment but does the xb1 really have that much more?

itBourne1718d ago


I think the common thought on indie games is that they are of less quality. I think that is changing, but it takes time. I love indie games. f2p on the other hand carries a really bad stigma, and I actually agree, a lot of f2p games ruin the experience because they are f2p. That is not to say it cannot be done right, hell I have played LoL for almost 3 years now.

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bobsmith1718d ago

youd have to be pretty dumb to get xbox one over ps4 after seeing the games you get free on ps3 with ps plus

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1718d ago

it all matter preferences
if someone choses Xbone let em choose it
no one dumb for choosing something they prefer

cyguration1718d ago

I'm sorry but he's right.

Someone is dumb for paying $100 more, getting less, having to pay extra for a charge kit, having all the basic apps locked behind a paywall and having no free-to-play or indie games to choose from if you don't want to play Modern 'Murcanism Shooter 2014.

Heck, Digital Foundry even said that the PS4 does TV on your TV better than the Xbox One.

Seriously? Why would someone pay more and get a weaker console, fewer games and lesser features that all costs more money unless they were dumb? There's just no excuse.

beerzombie1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Halo, gears of war, Titanfall, nfl are all on X1 and all my friends and family. I will say that giving away all of these free games will hurt Sony and gaming in the end and will create a generation of gamers who will not buy AAA games, but wait for them to be free.
This also will create pay as you play and more micro- transactions. Ms is doing it right buy only giving older games that have run their course. Of curse as a gamer Sony wins hands down in free to play area today but I think its not a good business or for gaming.

Funky Town_TX1718d ago

Xbox one vs free PS3 games, WTF. I only noticed on free PS4 game for plus. Don't get it twisted I like my PS4, but don't over hype stuff.

bobsmith1718d ago

im saying eventually, and these are the games u get when there was free online, think of the free games they will provide with all the more money they will be getting off people now.

corvusmd1718d ago this a joke? $50 a year for free games that no one buys anymore, or already bought and why Sony is "winning"? Some people need to stop writing opinion pieces without thinking first. Maybe we should talk about actually upgrading PSN now that they charge for it....then we can talk

bobsmith1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

i think ur talking about xbox games with gold and thats actually 60 a year lmao

would i rather have 5 year old games on xbox gold or like couple months old games with ps plus hmmmm lol

jessupj1718d ago

You obviously have no idea about the amazing free games you get with PSN plus.

I sense butthurtness.

Why o why1718d ago

cmon murda dolls.. Thats some strong bitterness

T21718d ago

The only joke here is what you have written. I also disagree with the articles assertion that sony is quietly doing anything. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know psplus kicks ass by now

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skydragoonity1718d ago

Playstation 4 is the only console where you can get high/best quality games right now

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1718d ago

that statement has so many holes in it