Should Sega Kill the Sonic Franchise?

PlayMagazine writes: "Over the past few days we’ve seen no shortage of Sonic-related news from Sega, with the confirmation of an all-new Wii U and 3DS exclusive game in Sonic Boom, and the news that Sonic Team is also working on something new for the speedy hedgehog, but given the lack of genuine quality in the character’s back catalogue over the past decade or so (some exceptions aside), is it time for Sega to finally pull the plug on its mascot and admit that it’s simply incapable of returning the Blue Blur to his former graces?"

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-Foxtrot1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Nope....but they should put it on hold for a long time so they can sit down and play Sonic 1-3 (and Knuckles) to see what made them so great.

I mean they couldn't even get it right in Sonic 4.

I'd rather they go back to old school Sonic design and start all over again, leading the franchise back up to the modern Sonic design when the time is right.

Oh and add the characters slowly, don't put them in for the sake of it, do it like pas Sonic games, so you would have.

Sonic - Solo
Sonic Second Game - Tails
Sonic Third Game - Knuckles (maybe Amy is kidnapped etc)

By the way if they are going to have voice acting in the games please get better voice actors that don't come off cheesy.

dcj05241766d ago

I kind of semi-agree with you. Did you like the 2D/3D gameplay of Unleashed/Generation and colors or no? I personally want a open world sonic game with certain linear parts that doesn't suck hard (Sonic 06). Maybe its just me but a loose sonic Jrpg could fit sonic.

3-4-51766d ago

Sonic = sales

They have the wrong people in charge of "ideas" over there.

These big corporate money guys tend to also think they are good "ideas" people as well.

It's an ego thing.

They 99% of the time suggest the complete opposite from what the gamer/player or the dev want.

They just don't get/comprehend/understand "it"...

sonic9891766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

the good news is this design is only for the Sonic boom series while the sonic that i love is still there with sonic team
i dont have a wiiu so i am not bothered about this design at all i think that most likely when they announce a PS4 game it will feature the old design and from Sonic team .
also my guess is sega are trying to emulate the success the of skylanders and disney infinity so am expecting an announcement about companion toys for this game any time soon ( in my opinion i hate this kind of strategy )
i agree with you foxtrot yeah we should not get a sonic game for 3 years so people can actually care about the character again first then try to recapture the magic of sonic whether by his attitude as a character and try to perfect a game play formula then write a story that makes sense in sonic's world because sonic isnt mario then as you said delete all the characters except Knuckles tails and Dr.Robotnik.

tigertron1767d ago

They just need to make better Sonic games, simple.

They should make a Sonic game for the PS4/XB1/PC, make it like Generations and call it Sonic Adventure 3. Sorted.

mikel10151767d ago

Just because it's on PS4/XB1 doesn't make it a good game. Idk why you guys have that mindset.

tigertron1767d ago

Where did I even say that a game on the PS4 and XB1 would make it a good game? stop stirring.

ShinMaster1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Because Sonic Generations on PS3/X360 is one of the best Sonic games in recent memory.

And who is you guys?

Also, he said PS4/XB1/PC. You left out PC in your response. I think I'm connecting the dots.

KonsoruMasuta1766d ago

If it's called Sonic Adventure 3, it should have Sonic Adventure gameplay. Generations was a different game. The adventure games have their own feel and it should be protected.

Chupa-Chupa1767d ago

Nope, they should release Dreamcast 2.

AceBlazer131767d ago

no i love sonic.Colors and Generations were great,just follow those.hopefully sonic boom marks a return of the hedgehog

MrSwankSinatra1766d ago

They should let Nintendo develop a sonic game, it's obvious that SEGA has no clue what to do with sonic, why not give the IP to a proven developer instead of giving these one off studios the privelage.

SpiralTear1766d ago

Big Red Button Entertainment is composed of Naughty Dog alumni. Considering the pedigree, that's "a proven developer" to me.

MrSwankSinatra1766d ago

Sorry but a proven developer is one that has continuos hits games, just because they are from naughty dog doesn't make them proven. They aren't naughty dog it's big red button, an that's how they should be judged as.

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