Sony Should Have Been A Digital Contender

News out today confirms that Sony has indeed sold off its Vaio PC arm, ending 17 years in the personal computer business. And that CEO Kazuo Hirai has also decided to separate the TV division into a standalone unit in order to better heal it. Although he insists for now that Sony has no plans to sell that division, it would be foolish of the company not to consider any good offers. If there are any.

Because really, who would want that business? It has lost nearly $8 billion in the last 10 years and has been rapidly losing share to Samsung and LG and is about to get attacked by Chinese TV makers eager to have more influence in the US and other western markets.

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dedicatedtogamers1807d ago

Drop dem memstick prices, Sony.

TomShoe1807d ago

Yep, just basic business sense. It's not surprising they had to sell the Vaio business, since PC sales have dropped following the horrible Windows 8 redesign.

I think more people will buy Vitas as well. The Vita with PS+ is one of the best values in gaming. The only hard part is getting over that initial cost to entry.

A full price Vita with 32GB card will run you about $270. Yikes. I hope the slim comes over here along with another memory card price cut.

darthv721807d ago

'horrible Windows 8 redesign' do you mean Windows 8 in general or the newly released 8.1?

Team_Litt1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Yes, Sony's PC division failed because of Microsoft. So in essence, it isn't really Sony who failed, but Microsoft!
You did it, you solved it and won the internet.
*warm pat on the back*

Mikefizzled1807d ago

You can't blame Windows 8 for the reason of dropping sales. People don't want PCs or laptops. Hence why the tablet market is huge.

Talidan1807d ago

I'll pay $20 for their TV division. I think I have what it takes to turn it around.

Mr_cheese1807d ago

Build a ps4 unit into every Sony TV from here on out?

Oner1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Sounds good to me. Problem solved forever.

Talidan1807d ago

Thinking like that will get you ahead. You'll be my VP.

Shadowolf1807d ago

Mr_cheese you're certainly on to something with that idea.

Mr_cheese1806d ago

It is an added incentive to purgase a sony tv over any other brand, but i suppose they are going to be pushing playstation now via tv sets as well, the only thing is that i don't see it staying solely on sony sets.

Either way, i hope they reinvent the TV department and come back with a boom like they have done with the home console.

Talidan1806d ago

Playstation Now and Vita TV are both entirely plausible for Sony TV integration, and could give them an edge in this market where everyone wants their device to do more than they need.

I wouldn't mind it one bit, honestly.

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Godz Kastro1807d ago

Looks like they are still trimming the fat to run leaner and meaner. They are off to a good start with the PS4. As an X1 owner I do wish them the best.

Riderz13371807d ago

Yup they are starting to do good. Finally they have the balls to get rid of their crappy PC division, hopefully TV will be next.

They were just upgraded to buy:

And the stock has been rising ever since they announced their Q3 financials (16.82 as I type this)

Dread1807d ago

me too.

I am confident sony will do well at the end.

Once they get rid of non-profitable divisions and focus on the others, they will strighten up.

To bad about the 5,000 individuals who got fired.

sprinterboy1807d ago

They didn't get fired they got made redundant with redundancy pay, so not all bad, people say there is no jobs out there but that is a lie as I got made redundant and got bk into work within 2 weeks

tiffac0081807d ago

^That would depend on age and what country you are from. Sony is not just cutting jobs in one country, it will be world wide. So it may not be easy as we would like to believe.

But all that sad news aside, Sony should have done this type of restructuring years ago. It's like finally, their strategy makes sense.

caseh1807d ago

If they marketed it right, they have a trump card with the PlayStation Now service being available on their TVs.

Knowing this was only available through a Sony TV, if I didn't have a console this would be a big selling point for me. As it is though, other companies will no doubt get the technology and Samsung/LG simply provide better panels for the price. it's no wonder their TV division has gone down the pan.

Up_N_U1807d ago

im no sony fan but i wish they turn this around.

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