EA SPORTS UFC Roster Reveal: Scott Jorgensen & Cub Swanson

GoodGameBro writes, "EA SPORTS has announced Scott Jorgensen and Cub Swanson as the latest fighters in EA SPORTS UFC.

Scott Jergensen and Cub Swanson join Frank Mir, Jose Aldo, Ricardo Lamas, Cung Le, Joe Lauzon, Chuck Liddell, Erik Perez, Donald Cerrone, Mike Easton, Forrest Griffin, Chan Sung Jung, Costas Philippou, Minotauro Nogueira, Demetrious Johnson, Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, Chael Sonnen, Alexander Gustaffson and Georges St-Pierre on the EA SPORTS UFC roster.

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SteamPowered1811d ago

Show us some gameplay already!! Little details about the roster trickling out are nice, but I am ready to see it in action.
I wish someone would let the controller scheme slip out into the public. That alone may change my opinion. UFC Undisputed 3 had HORRIBLE ground game.

caseh1811d ago

Get used to it.

This is how EA roll, numerous articles about roster updates and awesome physics. First game will be interesting, then yearly rehashes employing the same kind of articles.

Deividas1811d ago

No one is falling for this EA. Your Ignite Engine is shite sir.

cell9891811d ago

I hope they can get Mousasi to be there too, he is so under rated

sypher1811d ago

Guessing Thiago Silva have now been scrapped due to his recent trouble with the law.

Kevin263851811d ago

They have only announced 21 or so fighters. They have a long way to go to over 100 like they promised.

SteamPowered1811d ago

The next game you see Thiago Silva in might be a FPS.

Pintheshadows1811d ago

I honestly don't think this looks that impressive. I expected more considering how good Fight Night used to look.

This Ignite engine has got off to a rocky start. After a while of FIFA 14 I started to see cracks. Things that shouldn't be happening. A goalkeeper flying straight though a goalpost for example. Or odd clipping and animations from 5 years ago that are all the more obvious alongside the new ones. Players rubber banding in front of me.

Come on EA, up your games. The best one you released on the new consoles was NFS Rivals and you decided to lay off most of the new studios you built.

I think EA with the way they are headed could be in crisis for most of this gen unless they get some new blood in at the top. It has been building up to this for a while.


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