Viva Piñata Review (Xbox 360)

Although the Xbox 360 is the console of choice for gamers that want to live the life of their favorite jocks, perform complex tactical maneuvers, or saw horrific subterranean monsters in half, it really doesn't have a lot to offer the kiddies. Sure, Microsoft is always quick to point out that there are more E-rated games than those rated for Mature audiences, but the fact is that the majority of those Everyone titles are sports or racing games. That why we were so intrigued by the announcement that the company would be teaming up with 4Kids Entertainment to create a new intellectual property. However, while Viva Pinata may look like a kid's game at first glance, it's actually got a lot more going on than we originally gave it credit for. It's not perfect, but it's definitely one of the most interesting games to hit the Xbox 360 to date.

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m234453d ago

That was a higher score than I thought the game would get. I guess the game isn't really that bad.

MoonDust4453d ago

Little kids would love this game, and girls too...maybe

TOM4452d ago

As an old-time fan of everything rare(gunstar)I gave this game a chance even though the word is its for kids.Well,after about 4 hours of play,i must say its quite fun. Not just for kids,but possibly also for kids at heart. Far from simplistice unlike a standard childs it and see it worth a purcase,its clasic rare.