PS4, Xbox One game The Division not in trouble, dev insists

Ubisoft Reflections now co-developing Tom Clancy game with Ubisoft Massive, but the two-studio structure doesn't mean the game is in trouble.

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Crossbones1718d ago

Yes!!! It's still coming 2014.

Ashunderfire861718d ago

Dude I must be reading a different article, but no where did Ubisoft said it will come out this year. Ubisoft is adding a second team to work with Massive, so it still doesn't mean that the game is coming out 2014. If it does comes out 2014, I sure damn hope the game is ready by then. They still didn't release Watchdogs yet too.

Crossbones1718d ago

The game is already confirmed for 2014.

Riderz13371718d ago

Is that a new screenshot? God damn! If this game actually looks like that on a PS4, then I am shocked. If games are looking like this only a year after the consoles have released, I can't wait till year 3/4.

SageShinigami1718d ago

The game not being in trouble and the game not coming out this year aren't mutually exclusive. Honestly anything that's "late in the year" has a huge chance of becoming "early next year".

No biggie. There's a lot of stuff coming out this year already.

grassyknoll1718d ago

When a company days it's not in trouble, it is! With Watch Dogs delay this will most definitely be pushed back to 2015.

mogwaii1718d ago

I bet you any money this game looks nowhere like the reveal trailer.

KimoNoir1718d ago

Xbox one certainly will look like a downgrade.

Ashunderfire861718d ago

Dude have you seen the screenshots, it still looks like the reveal trailer. Ubisoft is not Gearbox man lol. That is the last thing they would want to do to us. That's also why they delayed Watchdogs to make sure it's really good.

kingduqc1717d ago

It will but only on pc.

oODEADPOOLOo1717d ago

your mom looks like a PC, lol.

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