Six reasons you shouldn't use the PS3 as your Blu-ray player

OK, before the angry fanboy comments roll in, let's get this out of the way: the PlayStation 3 is the best Blu-ray player on the market right now. It sits at the top of our best Blu-ray players list, we consistently use it as the reference that we judge other Blu-ray players against, and it's the only player on the market right now that supports Blu-ray Profile 2.0 and onboard decoding for both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. And it will always be the only Blu-ray player that streams media, has a browser, and plays PS3 games. Virtually everyone looking to buy a Blu-ray player should go with the PS3 right now.

However, with that in mind, there are a few legitimate reasons why someone wouldn't want to use a PlayStation 3 as their main Blu-ray player. Let's check them out.

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Condoleezza Rice5622d ago

"the PlayStation 3 is the best Blu-ray player on the market right now."

Excellent editorial skills ^

Conan9975622d ago

I knew the PS3 could decode Dolby True HD, the dang logo is on the actual system. But my Onkyo receiver never says it on the front. I had no idea that it sends it, its just the light never comes on. Cool, good article for audiophiles

5622d ago
sticky doja5622d ago (Edited 5622d ago )

Why do you have to bring up dieing 360's in a news story about the PS3 and its Blu-ray playing? Low class man. They didn't even mention anything even close to the 360 in the article.

Oh and I lost a few brain cells reading this news piece.

deeznuts5622d ago

Conan997, it doesn't send Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master Audio. It decodes the track into an LPCM (think uncompressed) signal and sends that over HDMI. So instead of sending the bitsream over HDMI and having the receiver decode it, the PS3 just decodes it and then sends it over to the receiver.

Some non-ps3 liking individuals don't like this, becuase their little logo doesn't turn on, on the receiver. I'm serious, go over to avsforum you'll see it.

Also, if your Blu-Ray has a DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD signal, check the bitrates, they may actually be higher than the PCM track on the disk (due to compression) and therefore may be better.

ceee2275622d ago

over reacting. I think it is the title that has you guys all worked up. The title should be something like "The Only Reasons to Buy a Standalone Blue-Ray Player instead of a Playstation 3". I think about #5 every month, but not just because of the PS3.

Yipee Bog5621d ago

Article just to get some hits

Bloodwar5621d ago

Consoles are for gaming. Things break down in time. If you spend equal time on movies and gaming, you are cutting the life of your console in half.

neogeo5621d ago

Its not green. It makes my power bill go high and its bad for the earth.

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gEnKiE5622d ago

I still have yet to buy a Blu-Ray movie....

sticky doja5622d ago

but have rented plenty. They look great but cost way to much. I will wait till they get on a used bin somewhere like I do with my HD DVDs, and only if they are eye candy movies like 300, the Golden Compass etc.

okcomputer5622d ago

Seriously, just check amazon. Most new blu-ray movies there are only $2-3 more than regular dvds. And a few months after a title is out you can get them in the 15-20 range. There are also plenty of occasional deals around the holidays where you can buy one get one free, get three for one, etc. And thats just amazon. plenty of other sites have deals and prices like that also. If you think blu ray discs are really that much more expensive than dvds you just aren't looking around.

wallace10005621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

I think lots of PS3 owners are in the same boat as you dude. Didn't they release figures last week showing less than one blu-ray movie sold per player if you include the PS3?

Here it is -> http://www.n4g.com/tech/New...

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Xlll5622d ago

LOL this is so lame. PS3 is loud? guess they haven't seen the 360. Interface hard to use? You can't be for real. Doesn't use uni remotes? Who cares? How was this even approved?

PoSTedUP5622d ago

you can use a universal remote if you really need to, if i went and bought a hdtv i think the ps3 would be easier and more efficient to use considering i already have 1 : P

ruibing5622d ago (Edited 5622d ago )

It's a really poor list that forgets the PS3 is advertised as a gaming console first and foremost. Obviously it has a lot of processing power and will consume more power than your avg Blu Ray player. But you get any and all BD updates and a system like no other. Besides, are any of these criticisms real negatives ever since 2.20 firmware update?

n00bPwner5621d ago


mightydog015621d ago (Edited 5621d ago )

he comes across like a microsoft Pr stunt..... dont get a ps3 with the best blu-ray player....buy a stand alone one instead....Is he for real.....ps3 can play blu-ray movies,can use the web,play GAMES and on and on I can go.....what can a stand alone player do mmmmmm play movies. lets see which one would you get? PS he sound like the MART

Pain5621d ago

I will give One Reason to not Use a XBOX 2 for Anything .. RROD!!!!

at-least PS3 can Play Hi-Def Movies....sombody should tell that to the hurt xbot spewing this...

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iamtehpwn5622d ago

The reasons he came up with Were not only idiotic, but senseless too.

batman2million5622d ago

i agree.. one reason im getting the ps3 is b/c of its blu ray

Hagaf225622d ago

This is retarded, its the best blu-ray player but don't use it for a blu ray player? The only reason I could think not to use it for a player is over disc drive usage.

GutZ315622d ago

LOL, wut?
CNET, that is all.

LevDog5622d ago

No universal remote.. Ok im sorry its not hard to hit source on your TV clicker to click over to HDMI screen.. GRAB your Ps3 controller HIT "X" and sit back.. hahaha what does that take 10 seconds..

How do you tell someone to not use something, then in the next sentence say it is the best one out there???


This guy is a complete effin retard