Is The Nintendo Generation a Dying Breed?

Sean from Pixel Gate writes:

There have been so many theories flying around the internet recently pertaining to why Nintendo are struggling, with some of them being incredibly bizarre. Theories aside, there is one element to Nintendo’s situation which makes me a little sad, mainly for a generation of youngsters who are growing up with the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and various other ‘big hitters’ that all tend to blur together. Simply put, the Nintendo generation may be dying out.

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GamerEuphoria2683d ago

It's a shame but times change I guess. They'll always be some younglings discovering classics via family am fiends!

JodyCones2683d ago

It better not be. I want my kids to grow up on nintendo like I did. Still love nintendo, no company is perfect.

RPG_Lover2683d ago

no, Nintendo sold the most software and hardware of any company in 2013.

Beastforlifenoob2683d ago

Couldnt find anything like that SOURCE PLEASE?

Please stop pulling sh*t out of your ass and tossing it around the room where nintendo fanboys will happily gulp it down and fight over it

No92683d ago

Actually ElementalKnight right, they at least sold more hardware than anyone else, this from
Nintendo about 21 million combined
Sony roughly 19 million combined
Microsoft about 9 million combined

3DS 14,849,340
PS3 8,282,795
X360 5,828,960
PS4 4,397,385
WiiU 3,232,667
PSV 3,121,285
XOne 3,087,421
PSP 2,973,884
Wii 1,949,850
DS 818,084

No92683d ago

Haha, how can any disagree with my previous comment, they are figures pulled from, my math is close enough.

Even if you say green peas are green, someone will be here to argue!

Chrischi19882682d ago

If a troll becomes angry, it has no meaning talking logic to it.

It is not able to understand the simplest things, it would even call modern physics a lie, if it were against its plattform of choice ;)

Sincere01212683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Only to trolls and Sony fanboys.

All the real gamers know that Nintendo is far from over and will always provide the best games and gaming experience.

A better question would be is Sony a dying breed as there riddled with debt.

TheEnigma3132683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Nintendo will become a dying breed as far as home console are concerned.....UNLESS they adapt to the current gaming climate. They aren't finished yet. One thing I like about Nintendo is they don't do DLC. They will continue to own the handheld market though.

RPG_Lover2683d ago


Nintendo games on Wii U are selling millions of units, even with that low install base.

TheEnigma3132683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Only games that are selling is Mario. The WiiU can't just survive on mario alone. Nintendo has to adapt. The WiiU can be revived. Nintendo already said that WiiU sales aren't where they want, but let me guess you know more than them?

Hicken2683d ago

... And yet, if the install base remains low, there won't be a console left to play those games on.

Chrischi19882683d ago

They also said the 3DS sales are not were they want them, that doesnt automatically make the 3DS bad.

And it is not true, that only Mario sells. Actually, Zelda, Smash Bros and Mario Kart sell even more. But it is nice how you guys degrade everything about nintendo to it, because you guys are so mature. But that is not as true, as to say, that you guys like movies, with some FPS action, which is almost all times the same. But then you act like, oh its a new IP and so it is so different^^ Like you do not still walk around and shoot at things. Yeah, Killzone is something totally different, am I right?

TheEnigma3132683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


I'm only talking about the Wii U not the ds. Zelda, Smash Bros and Mario Kart hasn't released on the Wii U, so we don't know what the sales will look like. Nintendo say "The Wii U isn't selling to our expectations" and Nintendo fans say "the Wii U is selling fine".

I want Nintendo to do well; the gaming industry wouldn't be the same without them. But some of you all act like Nintendo is exempt from criticism.

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Chrischi19882683d ago

They will never be a dying breed, a lot just wait till its cheaper or wait for the good games, before investing.

It is funny, how you all make it seem, that it is a good thing, if Nintendo made a console, which is exactly the same as the PS4 or Xbox1, even though there are alreadyy 2 of these FPS and Cinematic Game consoles.

TheEnigma3132683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

No one is saying make them the same, just adapt. Decent online gaming, HDDs, console with decent spec, and 3rd party support shouldn't be too much to ask for.

N4g_null2682d ago

Cohise this is why you can't listen to the nay sayers. The online is fine. Nintendo just doesn't throw it in every game. Servers cost money for many years it can be a waste. Many things sony and ms do would bleed nintendo dry.

These nay sayers know this and want this to happen. Yes fan boys have that much hate in them. Yet investors are pushing these bad ideas. They simply won't stop. Lots of money can be made if Nintendo fails.

Tech wise the wiiu is pretty good. It is soc that is a custom gpgpu uses sram fast external hdd can be used, we have tons of input options that are used pretty well.

The system is balanced. Nintendo can nor afford to waste anything yet the other two are throwing money around like they can't fail. Sony is at risk but ms is like a zombie.

I don't understand why sony fans feel sony is doing what it takes to survive their own mistakes. What has happened is sony can't do things like Nintendo, they can't make addictive game play. So they are following the ms way.... hardware and services. That is not a game sony nor nintendo can win. Nintendo is smart not to go rushing into this path.

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